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Wed 9th Jun 2010

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ThEjOkErIsWiLd commented on Review: Fluidity (WiiWare):

For ppl complaining about the price tag, you get what you pay for, the play area of this game is MASSIVE. There's 4 "worlds" to explore with 3 pages in each one, and each page has several panels to navigate through, plus there's all sorts of neat little mechanisms to manipulate and control, such as a cable car that takes you to a new area and a water cannon you squirt your water out of to get to hard-to-reach platforms. An incredibly inventive and fun game to play. If you enjoy quirky puzzling platformers, i definitely recommend it!



ThEjOkErIsWiLd commented on Review: Robin Hood: The Return of Richard (Wii...:

@vherub: I definitely hear what you're saying, I've often said it would be great if there was a button that said something like "Go to the Metacritic page for this game" in the shopping channel when u click more info on a game. That could even be a quality control device in and of itself, as many poorly reviewed games would quickly wither if that sort of information was that convenient on the Wii.