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I am seriously thinking of ...II can't believe I am considering in my 3ds. II know, I know, it sounds insane but that's what I had to do with my DS lite to get my Wii (which is now six years old and warped beyond recognition) plus some money and trade in my Wii because I know I won't get a lot of trade in value for it. Of course, I know some of you out there are single so you don't have to worry about the price..what would you suggest for us family dudes?



Don't trade in your 3DS!

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U don't wanna know what I'd be willing to do to get a Wii U
JK d just save a little at a time and get one, don't trade your 3DS please

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Just get a job or do some chores and save up some money for the Wii U. You clearly want to keep your 3DS, so don't sell it.


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I accidently wiped out my xbox 360 hard drive, so im just going to sell that I suppose plus with the money from the job the wii U will be a easy buy for me.
But in your case I would keep the 3DS or atleast trade in some games you dont play anymore, it's a shame your save data has to go with it, only reason i havnt sold any of mine yet.

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Don't trade in your 3DS, it seems that it's really important to you!
Just save up! That's what I'm doing. I am just an adolescent, and I do not have an "official" job, but I get paid weekly for helping around the house with cleaning and babysitting, and so on. Half of my weekly allowance goes to my little special bank for the Wii U.
I suggest if you have a job, to save a reasonable percentage of every paycheck. I bet you'll have enough money, if not more, by the holidays when it gets released.
Good luck to you!

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Mulder1617 wrote:

I know some of you out there are single so you don't have to worry about the price..what would you suggest for us family dudes?

Steal from the children... or sell the 3DS. You could always buy a new 3DS down the line when you have more money if you wanted too. my pants.


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Let's just say it involves my body.

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You know some place like Gamestop will let you reserve stuff and you can pay a little bit whenever you have the extra money. My friend did that with the Wii and Playstation 3 and when launch day came out he only had to pay about $50 for each.

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I got $400 saved up for the WiiU since last year lol. So i am good for now =]



Had enough for it for a while now, although I've held off paying any more than deposit because there's no official price yet. In your case, definetly don't sell your 3DS, unless it's an Ambassador, and you never play Ambassador games, you might be able to Craiglist or eBay it for more than regular. I would put one on preorder, and just pay bits with extra money off. You might also want to hold off getting it on launch if you want black, because of the rumors that won't be coming out straight away, and it may drop in price a bit by then too. And if you have Resident Evil: Revelaitons with the box error you might be able to sell it to a collector.

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I already have money saved up for the system. Around $500 so that I can buy the system and a 2-3 launch games as well. I'd also like to buy a WiiU pro controller.

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I'd do anything that you want me to for only £50 a night

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Nick-Clegg wrote:

I'd do anything that you want me to for only £50 a night

Your avatar fits everything you say perfectly.

As for this thread, at the moment I wouldn't do anything. But if Nintendo can convince me it's worth the money, I'll take my disposable income, march right down to my laptop, open up, and purchase one.



Hand the cashier the appropriate amount of money as a reasonable trade for the console.

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The real question is: what will Nintendo do to get me to get a Wii U?

Looks like the answer to both questions is nothing. :3



Noting, it's not worth it right now.

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