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Mon 18th Jun 2012

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Sazh commented on Wii U Will be a 'Great Value Proposition':

I really hope Nintendo release the black WiiU, it looks great!! About price.... My prediction would be $299 to $349. Whats coming in the box should be the console, gamepad, HDMI cable and the other cables, and hopefully Nintendoland even though I am not really excited for that game. I figured it should still come with the system as a bonus appeal. I hope the Nintendo Network and MiiVerse would be at a great level of connectivity and I hope the system supports Achievements. I love achievements because it adds more replay value and me and my friends love the feature. I just hope Nintendo doesn't do in-game achievements because that would be a downer for me and my friends at least. I want the WiiU to be a system where I can play Zelda and Final Fantasy and other series I love. Instead getting a new console to play other games that I like, I want the WiiU to be a system where I can play the games I love