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I actually found this site from Wikipedia. I googled a list of VC games and release dates and Wikipedia was the first site. I went there to look at the list of games and noticed that the author of the page put this site down as a reference source. So I checked on this site and notice how great the community was and decide to join.

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I started with vc-reviews soon after it launched.



Like other people on here, I was looking for VC reviews and I stumbled upon back in 2007. I officially joined the site in 2008.



nice to everyone , you'd think this thread would be constantly up but i guess it gets buried by everything else sometimes , just like the other day i made a new thread of this not knowing this was here had a feeling but then again i didnt wanna go through over a 100 pages , ha can you blame me ?

depending on your topic / question a little advice i guess would be to start from the last page. hmm why didnt i think of this earlier ? idk im tired ha peace

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We got alotta new peeps here so ill try to bring this back up ? How do you get here ? Who sent you ? lol

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I got to it from (which was The Nintendo Stream then).

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I was looking for a site with WiiWare reviews and this was the best site out of all of them, so I went here.

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I was searching for a Dr Mario Express review for the DSi on google. I ended up on this site. I thought "This is a neat site" I browsed the site for a little bit before I registered. To the designers of this site, great job! (Sorry for how many times I said "site")

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I found it on Google News, when I searched for "nintendo" and I clicked on News. A lot of times when new Nintendo News is up it show's pages from Nintendo Life.



I was on and then they merged with this site.

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I found it in 2007 or 2008 and joined in 2010 because of all the news about the then unnamed DS successor.

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I found it suprisingly while looking for Wiiware reviews. Shocking, I know.

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Back in 2009 I was looking for DSiware games on Wikipedia and I saw Asphalt 4: Elite Racing I didn't have any info on so I looked it up on Google and it let me to this,
Now 2 years later I have game, one of my favorite DSiware games, and account on this site.

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Well I was searching up information on the DSiWare game 'Mighty Milky Way' and google lead me to and the rest is history.

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Had been looking for GoldenEye tips. Typed a few things in the search box, and here I am.
Glad to be here!



searching for dsiware reviews (ironically the review was for pop+ solo, a game i thought was awful, but was rated 8/10 or something...)

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