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Gee, I haven't posted here yet.

I found this site through random googling for VC reviews, back when this site was called "" Nintendo Life In particular I found when I clicked on my VC-R favorite and it brought me to NLife instead. I had to double check 3 times to make sure the link was working.

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Mickeymac wrote:

Gee, I haven't posted here yet.

Amazing how many times you can post the same thing, but never actually post in the same thread

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This is The only Site to have Good Reviews of VC and Wii/DSiware games.

I used to go to IGN for there Reviews but, they have been slacking, Most of The Good IGN Wii Staff are gone

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Right when I got my wii on the internet I wanted to find reviews of wiiware games. Then I found Wiiware world. And then what happened to Mickeymac happened to me.

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I was trying to find some great games and game reviews for the ds.( around the time that a ds lite successor was rumored.)

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I searched for a Dark Void Zero review, and this site first was first on the list.



I was searching for reviews of WiiWare games, this site had an extensive list, so I kept coming back, and eventually joined.

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I was looking for reviews on VC games a few years ago and a few months after I noticed I kept on coming back to website I decided to join.

So many good games, so little money to spend.
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I dont really remember exactally how i found this site propally googled virtual console reviews and what came up was vc-reviews. When they changed to nintendolife i was like what is going on here? I liked the old site but this one has everything nintendo which is nice i dont have to go to gamespot anymore. Easily my favorite website to read video game reviews.



I Googled "shambling mockery" and came across this site via the Karate Phants review. After reading it I knew I had found my spiritual home on the Internet

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Well I always used to go on the IGN Wii Forum, but the amount of Nintendo hate and negativity was just too much at times. Especially if you were to check out the Wii Article comments...There were too many immature and uninformed trolls spewing out random BS about how much Nintendo sucks. Honestly, who in the hell wastes their time just to go into a gaming forum based on a system that they don't even like in the first place just to leave comments based on how much they hate the system?lol Alot of the users on IGN, that's who.

Anyways, some user there knew how much i loved Nintendo, and knew that the forum just wasn't exactly a positive place and basically sent me a personal message about this Site. And I've been hooked ever since.

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When I got my DSi last october, I wanted to buy some good DSiware games. I didn't know where to start and went to Gamefaqs for reviews. There is almost nothing on gamefaqs about DSiware. Someone told me there about this site that gave good DSiware reviews. I came here and was pleased with the quality of their DSiware reviews. For a while I just came here for DSiware, but soon noticed that it was the perfect place for any news Nintendo related. I joined the site a few months after that and this is now the first site I go to when I start up my web browser.

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A friend recommended it

Ayer99 at


A person I talk to on windows messenger showed me the site a while back, and Ive been coming here ever since.

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Back in December of 2008 I was looking into VC games and reviews because I was figuring out which games were available and which ones I should get. Then, I kept coming back periodically for the wii shop updates, and the site changed to Nintendo Life. That's when I really started reading the news and stuff, and I decided to join in May of 2009.



I was searching for a review for Fireplacing, it seemed incredible. This site saved me from going through that horrible experience I love you, NintendoLife.

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I saw my brother using the site and everyone seemed pretty nice in the forums here and I decided to join.

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looking up stuff about the 3ds

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