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Malkeor wrote:

Then I also found it it was THE perfect place for Nintendo fans in general.
I go here constantly, not just for news but to browse the forums almost every day.

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I first found this site by searching for Nintendo news. Now I use it for the forums!

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I was a viewer since late 2010 when it was my 2nd year in college. I had always been a huge Nintendo nerd, but when the 3DS was announced, I wasn't that thrilled. But when I found out that good titles were going to be on the system, I had to find out a website that had 3DS news/reviews. I found NintendoLife, however I didn't join until April 2011 (actually on my birthday).

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Read a review and saw some of the forums and wanted to join in.

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I wanted to look for a full list of DSiware games. And BAM. I found this place. Today I could care less to whatever happened to DSiware.
I quit Joystiq for this site along the way. Nintendo dedicated sites have 98% less trolls.

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I put this on the other thread before it got locked, so I might as well transfer it. Not to mention it has relevance because of today's date.

I found it when my Kid Icarus: Uprising craze started in late 2011. I was searching every single site that had even the slightest info on the game, this being one of them. After the hype went away, I still hung around here, unlike just about every other gaming site I visited. And exactly one year from today (just check actually, how ironic) I joined. And it's been a fun time here ever since.

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@WingedFish - Happy 1 year anniversary!

I foresee what you'll do there.
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Jeez, I don't remember, all I remember is that I joined within the same day or within a little while of finding the site. It's baffling to think I've been here for almost a year now(even though I was inactive most of that time because of other stuff).
Same with the Backloggery.
But you'll find you remember the who long after you've forgotten the what, after all.

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I found this wonderful place when I was looking for wii u news after it had been announced. I liked the community, and now here I am.


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Found it on a animal crossing:New leaf craze back in 2012

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Here's what I put on my thread before it got locked:
I had been a Pikmin fan for quite a while (since the second game came out) so I tried to find a site with news about Pikmin 3. However, since there wasn't much news about the game itself, I found Nintendolife's Wii U section near the starting of this year. After lurking for a while, I joined in June.
Edit: Oops, it's not "this year anymore". I found the site in early 2012

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been following since vc reviews

the_shpydar wrote:
As @ogo79 said, the SNS-RZ-USA is a prime giveaway that it's not a legit retail cart.
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Being an import download, it is hard to find any information on DoReMi Fantasy: Milon's DokiDoki Adventure. Hoping to learn what kind of game it is, I searched online and came across the wonderful VC Reviews. I discovered Nintendolife when the sites merged. Best April Fools prank ever.



How come I've never seen this before? Nice to see some of the Nintendolifers I chat with regularly leaving how they got here.

Personally I got a dsixl a year before the 3DS launched and decided to use my 2000 nintendo points card on the XL to get Dragon Quest Wars. I began looking for what to use the other 1500 on and given all the sites I looked at, this one reviewed the games the best. So I stopped lingering around IGN which was annoying me and started lingering around here. Finally joining after my 18th birthday in case of a possible age restriction and parental permission thing. I've been here enjoying the community and reviews sense then. I have no reason to look for info else where any more, as the best stuff comes here.

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Well, I had just gotten my limited edition Zelda 3DS (gloat). I was curious about the eshop, mainly because it was the first Nintendo Download store I had seen (having never owned DSi). Having grown up in a small town in Quebec (where all tech came a bit late, the prices were jacked up a lot, and English being taught with minimal effort in schools), it was also my first venture into the actual world of the Internet (if that makes any sense).

So, first time getting a gaming device with actual online, I went into the eshop and saw the expensive games. Keep in mind, this was before all the awesome games came out, so it was mostly dsiware and expensive stuff I didn't know about. I got interested in a DSiWare game, so I looked up reviews. Nintendo Life was the first that popped up.

Then, I saw the site had news for WiiU. I bookmarked the page and stuff, and I eventually discovered that the site had an actual "home page." I clicked it and saw the awesome news posts and stuff. Then, I noticed that little forum box in the corner. I clicked it, expecting the low-level standards of IGN, and found that the community was actually really nice. I made my account a few days later (and joined the herd two days after )

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I just googled "nintendo news". Not only were there tons of interesting articles to read, but the community is so well mannered and does not bash people like trolls. So basically, it is the complete opposite of IGN.

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I found this site while searching for interesting articles on nintendo games in my programming class

Good day
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