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If you could only have one console for the rest of your life, what would it be?

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Dear James
Which one game would you take with you to a desert island ? (obviously with the required console,TV, and the desert island has an abundant renewable electricity source...oh and beautiful dancing girls to bring you refreshments...obviously.)

What's this bit for again?


So did you decide if a new podcast is coming?



Going to try video for a while. If it works might look into expanding it. If not I'll switch to a new podcast format — really want to bring the podcast back!


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@GuardianKing I'll be answering Qs from both topics, don't worry.

Keep those questions coming, but make them ones befitting a man of my intellect, eh?


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When is the second nlife book club coming?

Vibes and low lights


Do you pronounce it aluminum or aluminium? I must know.

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James could you rank all the Sega systems with explanations of why you like each of them?



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Oddy wrote:

James wrote:

#3 I do not own a Maxwell Rooster hat as it never made it to Europe. If someone wanted to send me one, that would be fine! I have enough gaming-related hats to last me another two or three episodes yet.

Will I get something special if I send you mine?

This was a serious question, btw.

Six word TV reviews
The Worst Firework Displays of all Time

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Hi, James, I hope your day is going well! My questions: What is your outlook for Sega, given their current financial problems? Is this just a rough patch for them, or is the company's future in jeopardy? Given that they do survive this downturn, do you think there will ever be a time in the future that they return to the console and/or handheld business? One more: What is your game of the year thus far?

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Let's attack aggressively, kupo! :D

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GuardianKing wrote:

@theblackdragon Bobhobob then asked if your rights as an admin were at stake, then who would win. I gave him a new answer.

why would the answer be different? he'd win if they weren't at stake, why wouldn't he win if they were? clearly he has it in him to kick my tail... or not? your answers are confusing; pick a side and stick with it lol

future of NL >:3
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What is up with the new screenshots added to Jam With the Band DS? As far as I know, Band Bros. has been out in Japan forever now and Jam With the Band has been in Europe for a long time now any word of a NA release? that it?

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