Topic: Will you still use your DSi even if you do get a 3DS?

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I plan to continue using my DSi even if i do get the 3DS. Why? Well, if the games aren't transferable which they probally aren't i might as well download DSi games on my DSi. No point in haviong 20 games on DSi then Switching to your 3DS just to play one game. Plus, It might be better to use my DSi to play DS Games simply for the fact that the top screen is bigger than the touch screen on the 3DS. I don't know if that bothers you guys bbut it would bother me. So would you guys continue to use your DSi, regardless of having the 3DS.



I might not get a 3DS for a while. My sister says shes gonna get one, so I might just buy games and play it on that. So yeah, I will continue to play my DSi. (Now I wish I would have saved the money I used to buy a DSi So it could go towards a 3DS lol.)

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Only If the Games aren't Transferable.

Oh, and I heard that the Touch screen will be more like a Control Panel than a second screen.

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If the games aren't transferable then yes and if they are transferable it will be my secondary system which I'll use for stuff like Pokémon trading. Suffice to say it'll see some use.

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I'll still use my DS (ye olde phat DS) for GBA games.



Klapaucius wrote:

I'll still use my DS (ye olde phat DS) for GBA games.

Me too but I have a lite

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sup, I will give you advice if you ask.
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Most likely. If the 3DS doesnt have Flipnote Studio then I dont have a choice but to keep my DSi

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I will for a bit, just for DSiWare.
It's kind of going to be like my DS lite scenario with GBA games: I'll play it for the older games, eventually get bored of them, and put more of my focus on the new stuff while still coming back for some entertainment every now and then.

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I probably won't. My guess is that game stores (hopefully) will let you sell your previous DS lite, DSi, DSi XL and have it go towards the price of a 3DS. That's what I did with my DS lite when the DSi came out.



I'll probably trade in my DSi for a 3DS (depending on how much I'll get for it/how much 3DS costs)


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I don't have a DSi, but I'll keep my DS since otherwise I won't be able to play GBA games.

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no i wont get a 3ds but if i would get one for x-mas then i would let my sister have my dsi ....



Nah, most likely give it to my little sister, or get rid of it depending on if it comes out before Christmas or not. (gonna attempt to get a second one for her, lol) Really don't see a need to keep it...


I find using the DS Lite for GBA games a pain in the . Sure you get the DS's better color, brightness and so on...But you 'can't' change the buttons. Making games like Super Mario Advance or Mega Man & Bass a total pain to play. Good thing the Mega Man Zero collection for the DS allows you to change to the buttons to however you wan't them.

Anyways, I have a GBA SP but the biggest downside to that is that it doesn't have a headphone output.

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It depends on whether or not Nintendo will offer an easy transfer solution for DSiWare to the 3DS or not. If I can't transfer DSiWare to my 3DS and then trade in my DSi for credit to buy the 3DS, I'm keeping my DSi.

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I'll sell it or something to knock off the cost on the 3DS so I can buy more games for it. It's a total stupid waste to keep it around as it only does DSi games and so will 3DS along with its titles. I have a GBA I acquired (late model with DS screens and brightness) for everything from Tetris to death of GBA.

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It'll be a while before I get a 3DS... If I were to get rid of my DSi for one, it'd be best to do so before the 3DS comes out, that is, now, as it won't be worth squat after the 3DS is readily available. But that's too speculative for my tastes. I agree, you'll likely need to keep your DSi for DSiWare, like Flipnote Studio. DS games, I'm sure, will be "just fine" on the 3DS. I hope retailers or Nintendo do offer a DSi to 3DS upgrade program, that'd be best.. if it's a fair deal.



I'm quite sure with games like PilotWings Resort and Kid Icarus: Uprising I'll play my Nintendo 3DS far more than my DSi. However, when it comes to DSiWare games I will indeed use my DSi for games like Shantae and A Kappa's Trail.

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