Topic: Will you still use your DSi even if you do get a 3DS?

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ofcourse! aslong as i have dsiware, unless they can be transfered to the 3ds... otherwise i will play with both! lmaao

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Depends if DSiWare is transferrable because I'm presuming they'll allow DSiWare downloadables on 3DS in addition to 3DSWare. If it is, my DSi will get cleaned and then retired with my portable handheld collection. I'd like to have display cases for them eventually, I think that'd be cool.

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Of course and not just because of dsiware. I have a wii and still use my GCN, and I have a GBA SP and still use my GBC so why should this be any different.



i will still use it

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Well, all depends on the price. If it is more than $300, than I will need to trade in my DSi to pay for some of it. Hopefully the 3DS won't be that much, though. I've had a lot of good memories with that DSi in the short 11 months that I've owned it.


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I'll still use my DS Lite (never got a DSi but my six year old nephew did for Christmas and gave his DS Lite to his two year old sister). I need to transfer my Pokemon between cartridges after all and play my old GBA games if I ever wanted to. I think once I get the 3DS, I can finally retire my broken original DS to the bin (the top screen is broken, it still works but I can't see anything on it - I just have it still to transfer Pokemon).

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Well, I use my GBA SP for all of my GB/C games because there is light, and use my Wii for GCN games because it's usually easier to get to. I probably won't touch my DSi that much except for pokemon trading like Bass mentioned.

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I will play my DS games on my DSi XL and my 3DS games on my 3DS, so yeah I'll definitely keep using it.

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I still use my DS phat from 6 years ago for GBA games and such.

I'll probably still use my DSi if there is some non-transferable software, and because I like the feel and design of it. Also, the screens are both the same and a bit bigger (In relation to the 3DS' touch screen) so I might use it for playing DS games occasionally.

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I'll keeping mine for at least a few months. However, once my DSiWare transfers and if I transfer all of my Pokémon to Black/White (whenever I decide to get it), it's going to Gamestop.

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Yes, I still plan on using my XL regularly.


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I'll still be using my DSi periodically. Cannot sell it. At all. I want to make a 'display' case of ALL the handhelds I own. I'll be sure to get the 3DS SP and 3DS(3rd). Though, it may not be ON launch day as I waited a year to upgrade from DSPhat to DSlite.



I would use my XL, but the smart thing to do would be to get the extra $100 off and trade it in. There would really be no point to having it, because if I travel, I'm not going to bring two systems. I never played any of my DSiWare game either. (I traded in my DSi for an XL with at least 15 DSiWare games on it, and my XL only has Game and Watch games on it, so I can live without those.) I still have my original DS with all its broken hinge glory, though.

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Absolutely. My XL and Lite will probably get more use than the 3DS until the catalog improves.

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Since I'm trading it in for the 3DS, I won't. But I kinda hope we don't need the DSi to transfer DSiWare, if so, then it's too bad, I'll "lose" 20 Euros (and the ArtStyle games, shame)

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Once I transfer my DSiware to it, I may consider selling it along with my Lite.


For now I'm keeping my Lite and my XL. My husbands been using the XL lately anyway until he gets the part in to fix his Lite.
I've been using my Lite more lately because of that, but I was swapping between them pretty regularly.
Since the 3DS has more reason to carry it around I'll probably use it more on outings. Then again if we're going to travel and I'm playing a DS game and I think for any reason the battery might be an issue I'll probably bring the Lite along.

The XL comes around with me sometimes but if I need something smaller I tend to still stick to the Lite. I know they have the trade in value going on but I'd rather hang onto these for now.
I might consider getting rid of one later but I think I'll at least be keeping one so I can trade up my pokemon and have an extra option if something goes wrong with the other.

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I'll keep my XL for sure, though I haven't decided about my DSi. My husband, who never really played on it before, has taken to using the DSi when I'm playing with the XL. So he might want to hold on to it. There are a lot of good DSiWare games on it that I probably wouldn't transfer over to the 3DS simply because the 3DS has smaller screens and they are probably better played on the DSi's larger screens.
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