Genshin Impact
Image: miHoYo

The insanely popular free-to-play action RPG Genshin Impact was confirmed for a Nintendo Switch release at the start of 2020, and since then there have been no official updates about the status of this version.

Tired of waiting, the good folks over at GoNintendo reached out to the publisher and developer miHoYo, and asked what was up. In a short statement, it's now been confirmed by miHoYo's global PR specialist, Xin Yang, that this version is still on the way:

"The Switch version is still in development, and we will release more information as we progress further along."

That's the extent of the update, but it at least shares enough to let Switch fans know that the game is still getting a Nintendo release. A rumour in May 2021 suggested the Switch version might have been delayed due to technical issues.

If we get any more news about Genshin Impact's Switch release, we'll be sure to let you know. Are you looking forward to this one? Do you already play this game on other platforms? Comment down below.