Best Games To Buy For Your Nintendo Switch This Christmas
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Updated for 2022. Happy holidays, one and all!

Whether you've been riding the Switch train since Nintendo's hybrid handheld launched or you're just jumping on board this Christmas, there's no shortage of great games to play on Nintendo Switch, Switch OLED or Switch Lite.

But which Switch games are the best? There are so many to choose from, and which Switch games should you play first? Well, we've combed through some of the biggest genres and plucked out three picks for the best games to pick up for Switch this Christmas. You'll find a mixture of new and evergreen titles below, because we're nice like that.

This is just a taster. If you're a fan of a particular genre and you're after more suggestions, there are many more great games in our full genre lists — simply click on the headers to find a whole host of games of a similar flavour. These are great games for Christmas (but not just for Christmas), for someone who's just got a brand new Switch, Switch OLED or Switch Lite, or if you're an existing Switch owners looking to fill in the blanks in your collection.

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Best Nintendo Switch Action-RPGs

If you prefer your adventuring with fewer numbers on screen and a little more swashbuckling combat and action, here's our pick of the best Action-RPGs on Nintendo Switch:

Best Nintendo Switch Couch Co-Op Games

The Switch is the perfect console for some local co-op multiplayer on the TV or in Tabletop mode on the train. Just slide off the Joy-Con and you're ready to go. Here are our favourite co-operative multiplayer games to play on the Switch:

Best Nintendo Switch Fighting Games

If you like some digital fisticuffs, there are plenty of fighters to pick from, whether you're a fan of old-school one-on-one fighting action or chaotic, party-based brawlers. Here are our choices for the best fighting games for Switch:

Best Nintendo Switch FPS Games

In the years since Switch first launched it's built up a tidy catalogue of first-person shooters, from rereleased classics to 'miracle' ports from other current gen consoles onto Nintendo's hybrid handheld. Here are our favourite first-person shooters on Switch:

Best Nintendo Switch Horror Games

If you're a fan of things that go bump in the middle of the night, Switch has some brilliantly scary games to its name. Whether you prefer to play in portable mode with the lights on, or dock the console to the TV and turn the volume right up in a darkened room, here are the scariest games you can find on Switch:

Best Nintendo Switch Kart Racing Games

There are racers, and then there are kart racers. While there's one undisputed king of the kart on Nintendo platforms, there are a fair few others trying their hand at taking Mario's karting crown. Here are the best kart racers on Switch:

Best Nintendo Switch Online Multiplayer Games

While Switch makes local multiplayer matches a breeze, what about if your friends live miles away or you want to carry on playing against them when you get home? Fortunately there are plenty of fantastic online multiplayer options - here's our pick of the best online multiplayer games on Switch:

Best Nintendo Switch Party Games

Whether you're throwing a party for family, friends or vague acquaintances, there are a whole host of great party games on Switch to get everyone into the fun zone. Take a look at our favourite party games for Switch:

Best Nintendo Switch Platformers

Whether you're a fan of classic 2D platformers or expansive 3D playgrounds, Switch has got you covered - here are the best 2D platformers as well as the best 3D platformers you'll find on Switch:

Best Nintendo Switch Puzzle Games

Handheld consoles and puzzle games have gone hand-in-hand ever since Tetris was bundled with the Game Boy. Here are our picks for the best puzzle games on Switch to keep your mind occupied and your melon twisted:

Best Nintendo Switch Racing Games

We've already done karting, but here are our picks for the best racing games on Switch that don't feature a kart, banana skin or pesky Blue Shell:

Best Nintendo Switch RPGs

If you're down for epic quests, turn-based battling and hours and hours of watching numbers go up steadily as your team grows ever-stronger, you'll probably enjoy one of the many great traditional RPGs available on Nintendo's console. Portability means you're much more likely to be able to devote the required time to these gems, so check out our picks for the best RPGs on Switch:

Best Nintendo Switch Shmups

The humble shoot 'em up has been a video game staple since the dawn of the medium, and Switch has become something of a haven for shmup fans. Check out what we consider to be the best shmups on Switch:

Best Nintendo Switch Strategy Games

If you're one who enjoys planning out an offensive against the enemy ahead of time down to the very last detail and surveying the battlefield from above, the selection of strategy games on Switch will have you in your absolute element. Here are our choices for the best strategy games on Switch:

Other Great Nintendo Switch Games

We've rounded up some amazing Nintendo Switch games by their respective genres above, but with such a huge library of brilliant games, it would be remiss of us not to highlight a few more great Switch games...

We hope those set you on the right path at the start of your Switch journey, or help you plug some gaming gaps in your Switch library. Remember, if you're after further recommendations be sure to click on the headings of the sections above and you'll find yourself with a larger list of fantastic Switch games in your chosen genre. Happy gaming, everybody!

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