K.K. Slider album artwork
Image: Austin Voigt

For those who have been living under a rock since 2001, the infamous K.K. Slider — also known as Totakeke in Japan — is a beloved musical dog (a Jack Russell Terrier, to be exact) who has made appearances in every single entry of the Animal Crossing series to date, and he's back in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. No, you cannot pet him.

Although he's commonly shown playing acoustic guitar and singing, it's clear from his music catalogue that he is capable of crafting a tune in every single genre, on every single type of instrument, in the entire history of music. Also, we found out that he moonlights as a DJ in New Leaf. He is the original Renaissance dog.

For those interested in learning more about this jazz hound and his fresh sound, we've compiled a complete guide to all things K.K. Slider — you dig?

K.K. Slider Complete Song List And Concert Guide

Complete list of K.K. Slider's songs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

UPDATE: You'll find the 12 new K.K. songs that dropped with update 2.0 at the bottom of the list below (thanks, Nintendo Wire).

New Songs
A song for lovers — Image: Nintendo Life

While the majority of songs that players can request from K.K. Slider in New Horizons come from previous games, there are a few new additions in this game, as well. Players can hear most of them by listening to the radio, where they're played throughout the day.

Below is a complete list of K.K. songs organized by the "mood" each song is associated with (with those that must be requested to be obtained — and cannot be purchased from Nook Shopping — denoted as "special" or "hidden" songs).

Please also note: you must be sure to type in song requests exactly as listed here, using proper capitalization and punctuation - otherwise, K.K. Slider won't recognize it. And that's just a bummer, man.

UPDATE: New K.K. Songs in Update 2.0:

  • Chillwave
  • K.K. Bashment
  • K.K. Break
  • K.K. Chorinho
  • K.K. Dub
  • K.K. Fugue
  • K.K. Hop
  • K.K. Khoomei
  • K.K. Lovers
  • K.K. Polka
  • K.K. Robot Synth
  • K.K. Slack-Key

Mood: "Good!"

  • Mountain Song
  • Bubblegum K.K.
  • K.K. Calypso
  • K.K. Country
  • K.K. Groove
  • K.K. Salsa
  • K.K. Samba
  • K.K. Ska
  • K.K. Dixie
  • K.K. Disco
  • Café K.K.
  • K.K. Parade
  • K.K. Rockabilly
  • K.K. March
  • K.K. Mambo
  • K.K. Mariachi
  • Neapolitan
  • Spring Blossoms
  • K.K. Ragtime

Mood: "Grumpy"

  • K.K. Cruisin'
  • Lucky K.K.
  • Surfin' K.K.
  • K.K. Safari
  • K.K. Jongara
  • K.K. Tango
  • Imperial K.K.
  • Rockin' K.K.
  • K.K. House
  • K.K. Adventure
  • K.K. Flamenco
  • K.K. Metal
  • K.K. Rock
  • K.K. Bazaar
  • K.K. Steppe
  • K.K. Casbah
  • DJ K.K.
  • Go K.K. Rider

Mood: "Lazy"

  • Aloha K.K.
  • K.K. Stroll
  • Pondering
  • Soulful K.K.
  • K.K. Jazz
  • K.K. Swing
  • Mr. K.K.
  • K.K. Synth
  • K.K. Fusion
  • K.K. Bossa
  • K.K. Moody
  • K.K. Aria
  • K.K. Love Song
  • K.K. Reggae
  • I Love You
  • K.K. Island
  • K.K. Faire
  • Marine Song 2001
  • Wandering
  • My Place
  • Forest Life

Mood: "A little sad"

  • Two Days Ago
  • Only Me
  • K.K. Western
  • K.K. Lament
  • K.K. Chorale
  • King K.K.
  • K.K. Étude
  • K.K. Sonata
  • K.K. Milonga
  • K.K. Ballad
  • K.K. Lullaby
  • K.K. Waltz
  • K.K. Dirge
  • Comrade K.K.
  • Steep Hill
  • Stale Cupcakes
  • K.K. Condor

Mood: "Hard to Say"

  • Hypno K.K.
  • K.K. Rally
  • K.K. Marathon
  • Agent K.K.
  • K.K. Soul
  • K.K. Song
  • The K. Funk
  • K.K. Blues
  • K.K. Oasis
  • K.K. Folk
  • K.K. Technopop
  • K.K. D&B
  • To the Edge
  • K.K. Gumbo
  • Space K.K.

Special Songs:

  • K.K. Birthday (cannot be requested - only obtained on birthday)
  • Welcome Horizons

Hidden Songs: (must be requested to obtain)

  • Animal City
  • Farewell
  • Drivin'

Who is K.K. Slider?

Though many are familiar with his tunes, his origins are less widely known. It is said that his Japanese name - Totakeke - pays homage to video game composer and sound director Kazumi Totaka. In Japanese, last names generally come before first names - therefore, "Totaka K." became "Totakeke". K.K. Slider is said to be his in-game caricature.

In fact, back in the days before New Leaf's release, we even profiled Totaka and took an in-depth look at his impact on the series. It's very clear that he has formed an important part of Nintendo's history - not just with Animal Crossing, but across many of the company's major titles.

Getting back to his role in New Horizons, the first thing you'll need to do to meet this cat (er, dog) is get him to visit your island. While the process requires a few steps, it also unlocks the powerful Island Designer terraforming app, too. If you've got no idea what we're talking about, fear not - just follow our guide on how to unlock K.K. Slider and the Island Designer App.

Isabelle announces K.K. Slider's first visit
Image: Austin Voigt

How can you see K.K. Slider's concert performances?

Once you've reached a 3-star rating, and received a letter from K.K. Slider via Isabelle's island feedback, he'll visit your town the very next day and play his first concert.

After this, he'll be playing on your island every single Saturday (unless it conflicts with another event, like the Bug-Off or Fishing Tourneys - in which case, he'll show up on Sunday instead - except for one Sunday in August in the Northern Hemisphere when the combo of the August Bug-Off on Saturday and the fireworks show on Sunday will push his concert to Monday).

Each week when he visits your town to play, you'll be able to sit down and listen in to his practice songs throughout the day - however, beginning at 6pm, he'll begin playing his show for the island residents, and even taking song requests. Don't worry if you're not there right at 6 o'clock - you can show up any time prior to midnight and hear him play.

K.K. Slider's first performance on the island
Image: Austin Voigt

How do you unlock songs from K.K. Slider?

When his concerts begins, you have the ability to obtain some of K.K. Slider's music for your own home enjoyment. Go up and speak to him, and he'll give you the options to hear a random song, a song associated with a "mood" of your choice, or let you request a specific song.

After playing the song, K.K. will give you a copy, which you can then register on any of your furniture pieces that play music (besides radios). We like to keep a gramophone near our central plaza for residents to enjoy, but don't worry about splitting your record collection - a track can be added to any player in and around your town and it will be immediately accessible on all the others. It's in the cloud, man.

You can also display the music on your wall in your home (which we highly recommend - the album artwork is unmatched, except by the reimaginings of fans).

Album artwork displayed in home in New Horizons
Image: Austin Voigt

Although you can continue requesting songs throughout the evening, you will only receive a copy of the first song you request - so choose wisely.

The only other time K.K. Slider himself will provide you with music to take home is on your birthday, when he'll gift you a copy of "K.K. Birthday".

The final way to obtain albums for your personal listening pleasure is to purchase them from the kiosk or your Nook Phone via Nook Shopping - which can be done before K.K. Slider ever visits your town. We highly recommend utilising your friends to complete your collection, and trading albums with others when you get the chance. You can never have enough K.K. Slider!

Music Boxes — How to Make Music Boxes from K.K. Slider Songs

One new element from update 2.0 is the ability to make music boxes from K.K.'s songs.

We'll update this guide with more information once we've worked out how it's done.

And there you have it — everything there is to know about Totakeke and his slammin' songs. Those industry fat cats try to put a price on his music, but it wants to be free. What's your favorite tune from our beloved canine composer? Let us know down below, man.

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