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Since Animal Crossing: New Horizons launched back in March, a large community of gamers have been sharing incredible custom designs created for the game. However, perhaps even more impressive are the incredible landscaping projects players are undertaking to engineer the perfect Animal Crossing 5-star island paradise using custom designs, items from the game and a metric ton of patience and talent.

We're not just talking about using the terraforming Island Designer App to reroute a river or shave a sharp edge off a cliff, either. We're talking major environmental manipulation and decoration that turns a deserted island into a rural or urban paradise! While we can't help but feel a little jealous and shameful that our own island is so vanilla by comparison, we're still bowled over by some of the best designs we've seen online.

Ornate and delicate walkways, urban jungles, insanely intricate waterways and path systems; the following are a handful of the most impressive Animal Crossing islands we've seen across social media since the launch of New Horizons. We'll add to them as and when the latest incredibly grand designs pop up. Enjoy!

The best Animal Crossing: New Horizons islands we've seen on the web

Rural and Natural


Waterscaping and Cliff-construction


And our very own Austin Voigt:

Urban and Organised



And finally this mighty effort from B4SSOON:

Feeling suitably belittled by the incredible examples above? Or inspired, perhaps? We'll be adding to these as we find new and inspiring creations, but let us know if you've seen any other particularly amazing islands on the interwebs (or if you've created something awe-inspiring yourself) in the comments below.

We're off to our lowly and boring 'normal' island to sulk for a while and redouble our efforts at creating an island paradise.

Lumberyard Animal Crossing New Horizons

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