For those who have played any of the mainline Animal Crossing games since Wild World on the Nintendo DS, Pascal is the lovably familiar red otter whose philosophical mind and affinity for scallops are unparalleled. Many players were thrilled at his reappearance in New Horizons — what's more, he's brought the beloved Mermaid series of furniture to the game with him, plus a range of Mermaid clothing (see below).

However, coming into contact with this nautical nomad can be tricky at times, so we've compiled all of the tips you'll need to find Pascal and trade him your scallops for some special sea-themed clothing and recipes.

Tips and Tricks for Finding Pascal in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Who is Pascal?

Pascal is a red otter who first made his appearance in Animal Crossing: Wild World. His name is likely a reference to French philosopher Blaise Pascal — for whom the unit of underwater pressure measurement, the pascal, is also named.

In every game which he has appeared, Pascal has always provided players with philosophical deep thoughts, and/or rare items (often nautically-themed). In the past, his main objective has been to obtain scallops, and his goal in New Horizons is no different.

Where and when can you find Pascal?

Mermaid furniture series

In New Horizons, Pascal will appear once per day after your player finds a scallop underwater. However, if you refuse to give him your scallops, he will continue reappearing until you relent.

Hot tip: Do not let your pockets fill up, as this will prevent Pascal from appearing at all, even if you drop something else in your pockets to pocket the scallop. Keep some open inventory!

Additionally, you can only trade him one scallop per day — you are unable to stockpile them and trade any more than one per encounter.

However, it should be noted that each individual player on the island can interact with him separately once per day. So, for those who may have multiple players on the same island, there are ways to increase your daily yields.

Luckily, because scallops are available at any time of day, all year long, you can continue to trade him for your deep sea discoveries regardless of the weather or season.

After you speak to Pascal, he will continue swimming along the edge of the ropes surrounding your island's swim area, playing with his newly-acquired scallop. Although you're unable to interact with him further, it's always nice to have a swimming buddy.

What will Pascal give you?

When you trade Pascal a scallop, he will either reward you with a Mermaid furniture crafting recipe, a piece of Mermaid clothing (see below), or a pearl. The most common reward appears to be pearls, followed by recipes, and then clothing items.

Here is the complete list of Mermaid clothing items:

Reward Image Reward Name
Mermaid Fish Dress (pink)
Mermaid Fish Dress (light blue)
Mermaid Fish Dress (light Blue)
Mermaid Fish Dress (pink)
Mermaid Princess Dress (light Blue)
Mermaid Princess Dress (light blue)
Mermaid Princess Dress (pink)
Mermaid Princess Dress (pink)
Mermaid Shoes (light blue)
Mermaid Shoes (light blue)
Mermaid Shoes (pink)
Mermaid Shoes (pink)
Mermaid Tiara
Mermaid Tiara

Be sure to check out our Mermaid furniture series guide if you're looking for more information on the snazzy underwater-themed furniture you can craft using Pascal's DIY recipes.

And there you have it — everything to know about that rascally Pascal in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Have you met Pascal yet, or traded any of your scallops with him? Let us know down below!

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