Animal Crossing New Horizons Earth Day Event

The Nature Day event arrives every year in Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the last week of April. Leif the Sloth and his Garden Shop made their New Horizons debut when this event first launched in April 2020 on the island's main plaza.

Coinciding with the real-world Earth Day, Nature Day is a celebration of all things natural, leafy and plant-y. But what exactly can you expect from Nature Day? Is it another festival along the lines of the egg-filled Bunny Day? In this guide we've collected all available information on Nature Day event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Nature Day Event

What is Nature Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Nature Day in Animal Crossing coincides (approximately) with Earth Day, a real-world event which began in 1970 and focuses on environmentalism and highlighting the natural world. Earth Day takes place on 22nd April annually and in previous Animal Crossing games this date heralded the 'Nature Day' event.

Arriving initially in update v1.2.0, Nintendo previously referenced this day as an "Earth Day event", although Nature Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons lasts for two whole weeks.

When is Nature Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

In 2021, the Nature Day event begins on 22nd April — coinciding with Earth Day itself — and lasts for two weeks (much longer than the single-day event in previous Animal Crossing games).

In 2020, the event lasted from 23rd April to 4th May, starting a day after its real-world counterpart.

For the week preceding the arrival of Nature Day 2021, an antique globe is available to order from Nook Shopping:

Who is Leif the Sloth?

Leif is a character from Animal Crossing: New Leaf who ran the Gardening Store and sold unique flowers, trees and other plant-based produce and supplies. He also appears in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp looking for hybrid flowers as part of Leif's Spring Flower Event which involves collecting flowers and rare bugs.

In New Horizons, Leif visits on random days and has a stall on the main plaza selling garden-related items, including rare flower seeds and unique bushes and shrubs — not originally available before the 23rd April 2020 update. Following this update, Leif's Garden Shop now appears regularly on your main plaza, similar to shoe-and-apparel seller Kicks or travelling fashionista Label.

Seeds And Saplings Leif Animal Crossing New Horizons

What happens during the Nature Day event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

In addition to hosting the first appearance of Leif, limited-time Nature Day activities unlock for the duration of the event that reward you with new Nook Miles achievements. These involve completing tasks such as planting shrubs and trees around your town and watering plants. Completing these tasks will unlock the ability to craft hedgerows.

On Nature Day in previous games, the (dearly-departed?) Mayor Tortimer would gift the player nature-based items and speak about trees and nature. Unfortunately, the tortoise doesn't return for the event in New Horizons, but that's not to say he won't appear at some time in the future — on his own retirement island, perhaps?

How to craft hedges in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

After completing some Nature Day-themed Nook Miles+ achievements, speak to Tom Nook in Resident Services and he'll give you the DIY recipe for hedges. You can use this to craft standard green hedgerows using the following materials:

  • x10 clump of weeds
  • x5 tree branches
  • x2 stones

Hedges are classified as fences in New Horizons and crafting 'one' will get you 10 hedge 'panels'. Once you have them you can add some more natural-looking barriers around your island or even construct a hedge maze like the one found on the exclusive May Day island.

How can I prepare for Nature Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Given the nature of the day (ahem) and Leif's green-fingered role in the Animal Crossing series, you'll need a freshly-crafted shovel on hand to plant bushes around your island. Of course, you'll need Bells to buy Leif's unique wares, and it might be a good idea to upgrade your inventory to its maximum capacity in order to carry as many plants as possible. It's also a good time to collect all the weeds on your island ready to sell to Leif for double what Timmy and Tommy will give you.

Plant Shrubs Animal Crossing New Horizons

Scouting out good spots to plant shrubs and bushes would be useful - we tend to line them along the sides of buildings, but you could go to town building mazes (recreating the hedge maze from the May Day event) or dotting them around in the open at random. Remember, moving a shrub is even easier than moving a tree (and no different from moving a plant - simply take out your shovel, dig it up and plant it elsewhere).

If you want to get into the spirit of Nature Day, you might want to investigate how to breed flowers and beautify your island for the event. It would also be prudent to have a nice new watering can ready to go for the Nature Day event.

Leif's Garden Shop Unique Items List - Shrubs you can only get from Leif

Happy Azalea Leif Animal Crossing New Horizons

Leif the Sloth's Garden Shop can be found on random days on the main plaza of your island (approximately once every two weeks). There you can buy rare flower seeds and unique shrubs. You can also sell weeds at double the price you get in Nook's Cranny, so it might be a good time to clean up your island when he visits (we actually quite like the look of the weeds on our island, but you'll need to get rid of them if you want a 5-star island rating).

Leif carries various starter shrubs and bushes that you can only purchase from him, including azaleas - the 'happiest' shrub of all. Here's a list of everything you can buy from him:

Shrub Available colours
Azalea Pink, White
Camellia Pink, Red
Hibiscus Red, Yellow
Holly Red
Hydrangea Blue, Pink
Tea-Olive Orange, Yellow

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