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With a new season in Animal Crossing: New Horizons comes new crafting recipes and materials. We don't know about you, but we can't wait to see our islands dressed up in warm tones and all kinds of spoopy decor. To celebrate, we've pulled together comprehensive lists of all things fall (or 'autumnal', if you like) for your reference, so that you can make the most of this new season on your own island.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Complete Guide to Fall Seasonal DIY Crafting Recipes

When is the fall season in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

In all Animal Crossing games, autumn officially begins on September 1st in the northern hemisphere, and lasts through November 25th. If you're playing in the southern hemisphere in New Horizons, however, fall begins on March 1st, and runs through May 25th.

You'll be able to tell that the seasons have changed on your island when you take a look at the color of the grass and trees, as well as the new types of weeds growing. There is also a change in the types of bugs and fish that can be caught for the season.

However, the most beloved parts of the change in seasons in New Horizons are definitely the updated recipes, items and furniture series available to forage and craft.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Pine Cone.originalNintendo Life

Different autumn DIY crafting recipes and materials, and when to get them

There are three categories of seasonal fall DIY recipes in total. However, each have specific time frames within the fall season for when you can obtain them - as well as their corresponding crafting materials:

Northern Hemisphere Southern Hemisphere
Acorn / Pine Cone recipes September 1st - December 10th March 1st - June 10th
Mushroom recipes November 1st - 30th May 1st - 31st
Maple Leaf recipes October 1st - 10th April 1st - 10th

How and where can you find fall DIY recipes?

When you fire the game up for the month of September, Isabelle will send you a seasonal DIY recipe for a Tree's Bounty Little Tree - which you craft by using pine cones and acorns (obtained by shaking trees). However, as with any other time of year, seasonal recipes can also be obtained in the following ways:

  • Shooting down balloons (most common)
  • Finding bottles on your shore
  • Interacting with neighbors while they craft in their homes

If you're feeling frustrated in your quest for more recipes, check out our handy guide.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Trees Bounty Little Tree

Acorn / Pinecone (Tree's Bounty) Furniture List

The first - and most common - category of recipes are the Tree's Bounty items, which can be crafted with acorns and pinecones:

Item Image
Traditional Balancing Toy
Balancing Toy
Tree's Bounty Mobile
Tree's Bounty Mobile
Tree's Bounty Lamp
Tree's Bounty Lamp
Tree's Bounty Little Tree
Tree's Bounty Little Tree
Leaf Campfire
Leaf Campfire
Pile of Leaves
Pile Of Leaves
Yellow-Leaf Pile
Yellow Leaf Pile
Pine Bonsai Tree
Pine Bonsai Tree
Acorn Pochette
Acorn Pochette
Tree's Bounty Big Tree**
Tree's Bounty Big Tree
Tree's Bounty Arch**
Tree's Bounty Arch

**denotes items that also require Maple Leaf crafting materials

Mushroom Furniture List

Next is the Mushroom furniture list - some of which may be familiar to fans of previous games. These recipes and items are only available in November:

Item Image
Mush Table
Mushroom Table
Mush Lamp
Mushroom Lamp
Mush Log
Mushroom Log
Mush Partition
Mushroom Screen
Mush Parasol
Mushroom Parasol
Mush Low Stool
Mushroom Stool
Mushroom Wreath
Mushroom Wreath
Mush Wall
Mushroom Wallpaper
Forest Wall
Forest Wall
Forest Flooring
Forest Flooring
Mushroom Wand
Mushroom Wand
Mush Umbrella
Mushroom Umbrella

Maple Leaf Furniture List

Lastly, we have the limited-run Maple Leaf list - which has a tiny window of ten days for obtaining:

Item Image
Autumn Wall
Autumn Wall
Colored Leaves Flooring
Colored-Leaves Flooring
Maple-Leaf Pond Stone
Maple Leaf Pond Stone
Leaf Stool
Maple Leaf Stool
Maple-Leaf Umbrella
Maple Leaf Umbrella
Red-Leaf Pile
Red Leaf Pile
Maple-Leaf Pochette
Maple Leaf Pochette

And now you're ready to enjoy the autumn season to its fullest! Have you begun crafting any of the fall recipes yet? Which of the three categories of recipes and items are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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