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You may have already met Flick while he was visiting your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The bug-crazy red chameleon appears on random days challenging you to catch certain bugs and paying top dollar for your specimens.

However, Flick also appears on certain Saturdays throughout the summer to host the Bug-Off Tournament.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bug-Off Event

When is the Bug Off?

Bug-Off tournaments happen every fourth Saturday during the warmer Summer months in the Northern Hemisphere (June, July, August, September).

In the Southern Hemisphere the Bug-Offs take place on the third Saturday of the warmer Summer months (November, December, January and February).

Therefore, the Bug-Offs in 2020 are scheduled for the following dates in the Northern Hemisphere:

  • 27th June
  • 25th July
  • 29th August
  • 26th September

And the Bug-Offs in 2020/21 are scheduled for the following dates in the Sorthern Hemisphere:

  • 21th November
  • 19th December
  • 23rd January
  • 20th February

What is the Bug-Off?

Between 9am and 6pm Flick will be on the main plaza of your island. For 500 Bells (or for free if it's your first ever Bug-Off) you can compete to catch as many bugs as possible in 3 minutes.

You can enter the competition as many times as you like throughout the day. The whole set-up for the Bug-Off is very similar to C.J.'s Fishing Tourneys.

Each bug you catch is worth 1 point, with every third bug netting you 2 bonus points. These points can then be redeemed from Flick for rewards that cost 10 points each.

What rewards can I get during the Bug-Off?

Entering the Bug-Off tournament multiple times during the day (note: the same day - points don't carry over) will eventually unlock trophies depending on the number of points you accumulate:

Number of points obtained Reward
100 Bronze Trophy
200 Silver Trophy
300 Gold Trophy

You can also redeem points for bug-themed rewards from Flick. Each one will cost you 10 points and they'll be doled out at random:

  • Artisanal Bug Cage
  • Butterfly Backpack
  • Bug Aloha Shirt
  • Bug Cage
  • Bug Wand
  • Butterfly Wall
  • Ladybug Rug
  • Ladybug Umbrella
  • Spider Doorplate
  • Termite Mound
  • Toy Centipede
  • Toy Cockroach
Animal Crossing New Horizons Bug Off Nook MilesNintendo Life

By participating in the Bug-Off, you'll also earn Nook Miles and get a stamp for the first four events you take part in.

Hang on, where's K.K. Slider?

Don't worry! If there's a tournament event on a Saturday K.K. will play earlier in the week.Nintendo Life
Don't worry! If there's a tournament event on a Saturday K.K. will play earlier in the week.

On Saturdays when the Bug-Off and Fishing Tourneys are taking place on the plaza, K.K. Slider won't be there. Instead, K.K. will visit on the Friday before the tournament, so you can still get your weekly concert from your favourite musical dog.

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