Storefront of the Able Sisters' tailor shop in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Image: Austin Voigt

Let's be honest: one of the best parts of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is definitely the improved clothing, accessories and outfit-changing interface (except for that fitting room... can we please buy more than one of each type of item at a time? Is that too much to ask, Mabel??)

We'd be lying if we said we didn't pay off our mortgages as often as possible just so we'd have more room for clothing in our home storage. And who doesn't habitually coordinate new outfits every morning before setting out on the island, or change into pajamas each night before putting their character to sleep?... No, just us?

If you have yet to access the Able Sisters' tailor shop in New Horizons, we guarantee you're missing out on a huge part of the game. Check out our easy steps to acquiring the shop for yourself, and if you're still not convinced of its necessity on your own island, our list of features below should convince you otherwise.

Guide to unlocking the Able Sisters' tailor shop in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Who are the Able Sisters?

Celebration ceremony for the opening of the Able Sisters' shop
Image: Austin Voigt

The Able Sisters have been a staple of the Animal Crossing series since its inception, and have always been there to provide "fashions made lovingly by claw".

Prior to City Folk, we were only privy to two of the sisters: Sable (the eldest) and Mabel (the youngest). However, Label (or, the artist formerly known as "Labelle") was introduced as a store clerk for GracieGrace in the Wii game, and has since been a major character in each succeeding entry.

Sadly, the sisters have a bit of tragic tale, as they took over their parents' business following a fatal accident that led to their deaths, after which Sable was put in charge of the shop and the family.

Sable is shy and tends to focus on working whenever she's in the shop; however, befriending her in each game tends to net the player significant design and pattern-based rewards.

The youngest sister, Mabel, is often the one greeting players as they enter the store, and interacting with them while they shop. She'll generally step in and speak for Sable until the player gets to know the eldest sister better.

Label(le) — the middle child, who is apparently very indecisive about the spelling of her name — is a designer, currently posing fashion challenges to players once per week, after the Able Sisters' shop is unlocked (similar to a certain stylish giraffe we once knew...).

How do you unlock the Able Sisters' tailor shop?

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players have the ability to build a shop for the Able Sisters on their island, similar to shops seen in previous entries in the series with different clothing and accessories available for sale each day.

In order to unlock the shop, players must execute the following steps:

  1. Build the first version of Nook's Cranny on your island (not, thankfully, the upgraded version); upon entering the shop for the first time, you'll encounter Mabel discussing selling her wares on your island with Timmy and Tommy - from here on out, Mabel will visit your island about once per week
  2. When Mabel next sets up her stand on the plaza in front of Resident Services, she'll be selling different clothing and accessory options - be sure to buy them, as you'll need to spend at least 5,000 Bells with her in order to trigger the opening of the full shop
  3. After spending at least 5,000 Bells, Mabel will tell you about their plans to build a permanent shop on the island as soon as her third visit
  4. After this event occurs, you'll be asked to find a spot to build the shop — the shop will begin construction and open two days later
Mabel selling her wares in the town square prior to building the tailor shop
Image: Austin Voigt

What can you do at the Able Sisters' clothing shop?

The range of items and activities available after unlocking the tailor shop is surprisingly expansive in New Horizons — and we're definitely not complaining:

  • A number of clothing and accessory options for sale - including socks and shoes - in various styles and colors, which change daily
  • In the middle of the store is a daily-rotating selection of six items for purchase, whose variations can be accessed in the changing room
  • The left side of the store features two mannequins, of which the items and their variations can also be accessed in the changing room; however, these items will only rotate weekly
  • A variety of custom clothing designs can be found hanging on the back wall, and can be switched out with designs from the app on your NookPhone as you please
  • In the back right corner of the shop, you'll find the Custom Designs Portal, which allows you to access designs shared by other players around the world by searching for unique IDs shared by other players (requires a Nintendo Switch Online subscription)

How do you unlock new patterns from Sable?

When you first begin visiting the shop, you'll notice Sable — forever found sewing at the back left of the shop — will be a bit hesitant to talk to you from the outset.

Keep trying to strike up a conversation with her each day, she'll begin telling you more about herself and her sisters, engaging in lengthier conversations as time goes on.

Eventually, she'll start sewing various patterns for you to use when customising most furniture with fabric on it. Be sure to check out our full guide for befriending Sable and unlocking new patterns.

Befriending Sable in the Able Sisters' tailor shop
Image: Austin Voigt

What about Label?

Label, the stylish middle child of the hedgehog family, has returned to New Horizons with new fashion challenges for players. She’ll show up in the plaza outside of Resident Services about once per week after the Able Sisters’ shop has been built, just as her sister did prior to the shop’s launch.

She’ll have some very specific style requests for players to complete and show her, with quite a few prizes to be won. If you’re feeling a bit stumped by the fashion challenges, check out our guide to Label.

Label Animal Crossing New Horizons

There you have it! The low-down on the Able Sisters. Have you opened your shop yet? What about befriending Sable? Let us know down below!

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