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Spot the Differences: Party! Review

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Posted by Stephen Kelly

Spot a different party

Spot the Differences: Party! will hand you photo after photo, politely asking you to identify the inconsistencies between their lookalikes until you either pass out from unrelenting boredom or stare at each and every one of the 300+ pictures on display. Go it alone or rope a friend or three into the monotony, but unless you’re hosting a strength training session for your local Where’s Waldo enthusiast club, this is probably the last thing you want to break out at a party.

If the mediocre times do start rolling, every participant’s eyes will be glued on a generic photo and its mirror image—or so it may appear. The dual portraits are riddled with minor discrepancies that you must discover. That generic architectural structure is missing a window; this meticulously arranged food item has one too many olives; the cute puppy’s hat is a different colour. Either by tapping with the GamePad stylus or pointing with a Wii Remote, spotting the differences is quite seriously the name of the game. A timer will put the pressure on your sleuthing skills, and trusting to luck by poking randomly at the image will reduce your time drastically. You have a couple of lifelines to help you out — namely timer extensions and a free pass for stuff you can’t find — but once they run dry, it’s the end of the line.

And unless you want to start over, that really is the end of the line; there’s hardly anything else to see in this game. It certainly is neat that people can play cooperatively — in the multiplayer 'Party' mode — on the TV screen and Wii U GamePad simultaneously, but extra pairs of eyes can only go so far. Of course, those same eyes can take turns in a competitive battle via the GamePad, requiring players to mark their findings in secret; it's a nice diversion, if bare-bones. As a children’s toy Spot the Differences: Party! is more forgivable, but the lack of imagination and severely limited modes do it no favours.

That said, this is no cheap product thrown out the door in a rush and on a shoestring budget. The interface and controls are both wholly pleasant, presenting the potential for a quiet morning with a calming pastime at your disposal; the steaming cup of coffee on the game’s slick menu reinforces this image. No indeed, the quality bar is above acceptable. The game falls apart in the simple fact that it’s an absolute bore to play.


Spot the Differences: Party! isn’t worth time or money unless you're an enthusiast that adores these kinds of experiences. It performs one trick and one trick only, but that trick isn’t very good in the first place; even for its simplistic genre, it does little to liven up proceedings. You can find tons of free alternatives just about anywhere you look, whether somewhere on the internet, on your phone, or maybe even in your local newspaper. And if you’re dead set on spotting differences in a living room setting and have no desire for extra bells and whistles? Well, this might be the place to look. But that’s a big “if”.

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Kyloctopus said:

I say Nintendo Life should have its own Where's Waldo Enthusiast Club. Who's with me?!



LeVideoGamer said:

What aspects in particular allows this game to get four points?

I can't believe this is actually a game.



StephenKelly180 said:

@LeVideoGamer The decision to give the game a 4 was mostly due to its quality. The concept is absurdly simple, but the execution is admirable. It could have been a lot worse.



DiscoGentleman said:

The game is extremely cheap, and is exactly what it says it is: spot the difference. That's it. I don't know how anyone is upset with this. It's either for you, or it's not.



element187 said:

My wife wants me to buy this only because the development studio is based in Thailand (she's Thai) but I only will download if she agrees to purchase it. So far, so elusive.



ikki5 said:

I do these kinds of things when I am waiting for someone or something while I have the newspaper in my hand and have read everything



kendorage said:

This review was...spot on.

I'm sorry, it's early and im just waiting for the nfl season to kick off.



GamerJunkie said:

These kind of games are free on my phone or tablet or pc, why would i pay even 1 penny for this junk?

Nintendo is losing quality by the day with these releases, seems they allow anything on there now.......



MaximusMansteel said:

My daughter loves playing these difference games, so I downloaded it. My complaint is that there should be a setting with no timer. My daughter's four and most of the differences are pretty hard to spot, even for me. She can't really find much in the short period of time given. We got frustrated with it quickly.



Nico07 said:

I think the problem with this game is that in releasing a game for the general public on the Wii U, it would be better suited for a tablet. This is the type of game you would play waiting at a doctor's office or at your Aunt Ethyl's waiting for Thanksgiving dinner. This isn't the game that your kid's will run up to you and say "Can we please play Spot the Difference? Please, Please, Please!?!" At home you have far too many other (better) alternatives. If this sold for $2 the developers might lure many into purchasing it (including myself), but it just doesn't look all that great even at a mere $5 despite the fact that it comes with 300 puzzles.



JustinH said:

Wow you people are being crazy negative about this game. If this were a Sudoku game people would be as bored and uninterested, but I wonder if they'd be so nasty.



Gioku said:

Usually spot the difference games are just minigames placed periodically in a much better game, in which case they can be fun little diversions.

...but to make an entire game that's just spot the difference... that's just stupid.



SKTTR said:

This is the worst 'spot the difference' game I ever played.

First of all: There's a terrible audio glitch alarm sound in multiplayer. Why is this not in the review?

Comparing Spot The Differences! Party Wii U (Sanuk Games) to another 5€ game on the same system: 5 Spots Party WiiWare (Cosmonaut Games)

Do you have a fair amount of time to find all five different spots?
STDP: No, it's damn fast!!
5SP: Yea, Just right!

Will the game show you the missing differences upon 'time over'?
STDP: No, the picture just fades away.
5SP: Yes, it shows you all missing differences.

How are differences marked?
STDP: An ugly drawn circle.
5SP: A clean and neat box.

How many modes are in the game?
STDP: Just one boring single player mode and two multiplayer modes, one of which is glitchy.
5SP: You can play all three single player modes with up to 4 players.

What about highscores?
STDP: Local, a Top 5 for the singleplayer mode.
5SP: Local, a Top 10 for each of the 3 modes, plus a named rank.

What about the picture quality?
STDP: Generic photographs with lame differences in HD quality. More than 300 pics.
5SP: Funny pictures, with intelligent and humorous differences in SD quality. More than 300 pics.

What about sound and music?
STDP: Most boring and shortest loop of all time. It doesn't even loop correctly. And extremely bad sound effects.
5SP: Good quality tune, excellent sound effects.

This is definately my new worst Wii U game.

PS. Another issue is that the GamePad AND first Wiimote are Player One. So you can't play a 4-player match with just the GamePad and 3 Wiimotes. You will need four Wiimotes regardless.

Wii U should have gotten the shiniest best search game ever. But this is garbage.



onex said:

The problem with these games is that there's literally no challenge to them if you know the 'magic eye' trick. Just cross your eyes like looking at a stereoscopic photo, and the differences pop out with ease.

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