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Tue 31st Jul 2012

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StephenKelly180 commented on Review: Star Wars Pinball (3DS eShop):

@Spoony_Tech @WinterWarm
You make a fair point; I should have mentioned that the face buttons work to control the flippers as well. I always gravitate towards the shoulder buttons for pinball games (even if slightly less comfortable) but obviously not everyone will!

As a note, I did play the game on an original 3DS, although I'm not a fan of how things look on the XL either way.

And you've tried turning the wireless switch off? That seems to work for most people.



StephenKelly180 commented on Feature: The Bizarre History of Pokémon Techn...:

@A-Hungry-Baker You summed up the whole article in three words!

@zipmon Clever! Shipping the Pokewalker overseas beats tying it to a bicycle any day.

@GreenDream I am thoroughly impressed with your depth of knowledge on this subject! I wish I had enough time and space to include all that good stuff-- especially the Pokemon Snap kiosks.

@Pikminsi I did that with a plastic Pokemon figure once. Psyduck learned Whirlpool!