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Mon 19th Aug 2013

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icerazor commented on Nintendo Direct: Pokémon Direct Scheduled For...:

Nothin for Wii U? I know people are gonna hate me for saying this but, im not getting another Nintendo home console agajn unless it has the regular pokemon games not spin offs. Would have been more happier than a 3ds…. >.>

With the wii u they had TWO screens [tv and gamepad] better graphics than 3ds,etc. and they haven’t thought of a Wii U pokemon game like X and Y? Makes perfect sense -.- w/e im sticking to nintendo handhelds next time.

ugh w/e, i guess



icerazor commented on Out Now: Rayman Legends (North America):

Im done with 2D platformers for now (still haven't even finished Super Luigi U) so i wont get this game yet. My next 2D game will probably be donkey kong tropical freeze. If i ever run out of games to play then i will consider this game.