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Final Fight 2 Review

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Posted by Dave Frear

Final Fight for two

The Mad Gear gang are back and out for revenge. This time they’ve kidnapped Guy’s fiancée Rena and her farther, so it falls to Haggar and friends to rescue them from the gang’s evil clutches. The original Final Fight was a classic side-scrolling brawler which received two paltry SNES ports, the first of which is already available on the Virtual Console service. What let them down were a few unfortunate omissions: one of the playable characters, one of the stages, and the two-player mode. This sequel seems designed to appeal to anyone disappointed by those ports; featuring as it does three selectable characters, the boss missing from the first game and that all important two-player option.

Character designs are similar and gameplay is just as before: you walk through the stages, the sounds as you pummel various thugs – drowning out the suitably arcadey music. You have one button for attack and one for jump; using them in combination with the d-pad allows you to perform a variety of moves, and pressing them together performs a special attack – which can also be assigned to a third button in the options menu. This special attack reduces some of your health but can come in handy when you’re surrounded. Smash open crates and barrels and you may find weapons that can be picked up as well as items to replenish health or increase your points total.

There’s a slight change to the character line-up in Final Fight 2: Cody is away with Jessica and Guy can’t be bothered to halt his training to go rescue his missus (jerk), so for this game Haggar is joined by Rena’s sister Maki and random-bloke-with-a-sword, Carlos. The speed and strength of the characters varies and they have a different assortment of moves. Haggar is the same as before, whilst Carlos and Maki are similar (though not identical) to the absent Cody and Guy. Should both players want to play as the same character, this can be allowed via a cheat code.

The only returning members of the Mad Gear are the wrestling Andore family, but whilst the other characters are new their fighting styles will seem very familiar to anyone who played the first game. You have the standard walk up and jab thugs, some which jump through the air, some that charge at you, and the usual fire-starting types. There are a few differences, though: for example the charging foe (Elick) electrocutes you instead of just knocking you over. As before, the variety of enemies make the game interesting to play through but it would have been good to have some all new attacks to go with the new-look gang members.

Similarly disappointing are the bosses. End of level bad guys one-through-three are very similar: big hulking brutes with a powerful swipe that occasionally try and jump on you. OK, the second guy is more inclined to rush at you, but after defeating the third it still feels all a bit too samey. At the end of the fourth level things improve when Phillipe, a psychotic clown, smashes on to screen, sliding about the ground and smacking you with his stick. Level 5 sees the return (or debut if you’re sticking to availible VC releases) of Rolento. Curiously called Rolent in this game he is never the less the same as in the first game: speedily jumping about the place for quick attacks and later dropping grenades everywhere. Despite being described by the defeated Rolent(o) as the “most powerful” foe, the final boss you combat is in fact a bit crap. He’s another hulking brute and, whilst he doesn’t attack the same way as the first three bosses, aside from a spinning kick, he doesn’t really cause you much trouble. The only real challenge comes from the fact you have to beat a lot of underlings to get to him, so may be short on lives when it does come to the Final Fight.

Rather than keep the action in Metro City, this time around our heroes travel the globe; starting in Hong Kong then nipping of to Europe for 4 stages before finishing up in Japan. This adds a lot of variety, especially as each stage features a few different environments. For example in Italy you begin walking along the streets, kicking, elbowing and pile-driving gang members before jumping on to a boat (complete with photo-snapping tourists) to fight some more. Another stage, like the first game, sees the action moves to a train, though to make things different it takes place on top of the carriages. Despite a few cuts through abandoned buildings the locations look in surprisingly good condition considering the gangs roaming the streets. The exception is your trip to a dull, grotty looking countryside in the Netherlands where bombed out buildings and liberally scattered landmines are unlikely to have won Capcom any fans on the Dutch tourist board. There are also two bonus stages: the first sees you smash up a car (just like the first game) and the second is a quite dull one where you must walk along breaking flaming barrels [Sounds like Donkey Kong! – Editor].

The game gets gradually harder as you play and you will find later stages have more of the tougher enemies on them. There are four difficulty levels in to keep you coming back. The first two shouldn't cause you any troubles but the others can be quite tricky. There is an incentive to try the harder levels as well because the higher the difficulty level, the more of the ending you get to see. Of course most of the replayability comes from the two-player mode which, despite the arguments over who was supposed to be covering which part of the screen, increases the enjoyment from the game considerably.


Make no mistake this game will provide you with classic arcade brawling fun, especially if playing with a friend, but the feeling of déjà vu is strong. There’s a different, visually interesting, setting and two of the playable characters are new but it’s just too similar to its arcade predecessor. Had Capcom mixed things up a bit this could have been better and whilst for some the two-player option will make this more appealing than the Final Fight that's already available to Wii owners, it may be worth waiting to see what Capcom has planned for the VC Arcade. Because with the disappointing bosses Final Fight 2 is ultimately Final Fight 1 – just not as good.

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User Comments (35)



Damo said:

As you will no doubt have noticed, this review is very much the same as our Retro review, which was published about a week ago. Dave has downloaded the VC version and has compared the two in order to make sure this review is 100% accurate.

Just wanted to make this perfectly clear.



Bass_X0 said:

Final Fight 3 did come out in Europe but is very hard to find. I never saw it at all during the early mid nineties.



Shiryu said:

I consider this superior to the original SNES FinalFight because it allows for 2 player coop. Final Fight 3 is still the best of the series, but that should take quite a while to come to VC. If you already have SOR2 and want to beat up some more bad guys and never played this in it's original cartrdige format, I think it's a good purchase.



JamieO said:

A sound Retro review is just as great under the Virtual Console tab, thanks for the second time, Dave.
I realise that the Virtual Console release list is slowing down, but the service has already exceeded my early expectations, it is one of the best things to happen to retro gaming in recent years.
@togovero and @Bass_X0 Do any Nintendo Life bods know if there is any news on a Final Fight 3 release date?
I think the odds have just been increased, in that Capcom will be up for completing this as a Virtual Console trilogy.
I always look at the Nintendo Life 'Game Overview' box, but where else is the best place to search for future Virtual Console release dates?
I have heard many gamers on NLife discussing ESRB (e.g. @Tony ) and OFLC ratings as being a good guide to future treats, do you visit their official sites or is there a release list compiled somewhere?.



Bass_X0 said:

No sign of Final Fight 3 yet. I'm not surprised since FF2 has just been released a long time after the first game. I hope Mighty Final Fight gets released sometime too. Its quite fun.

This is the best list on the internet to see whats coming up and is quite accurate. Yes, games have been on that list a very long time but nobody can accurately predict what gets released every week.



JamieO said:

@Bass_X0 I never did get to play as a bobble headed, super-deformed Cody, I should have bought 'Capcom Classics Mini-Mix' for the GBA. It is still available on eBay for a tenner, but I have had lots of bad experiences with copied GBA games on eBay.
Edit- Thanks lots for your link to Nintendo Life's Virtual Console list too, mate.



Bass_X0 said:

Yeah, I've had copied games from Ebay that I bought believing to be official. I still played it and enjoyed it almost as much as I would the official version though, the only problem was that my save file would get corrupted but this is rare.

As far as Mighty Final Fight goes, its better than River City Ransom. Well, I haven't played it for some years now but I did quite enjoy it at the time. I didn't get into RCR as much as I did Mighty Final Fight.



blackknight77 said:

@ Jamie O
The ESRB website is updated nearly everyday. Once a VC game is posted on the site it's kinda a clue that a VC game could be released soon in North America (in most cases e.g. Pro Wrestling, Super Pitfall). You can go directly to their website, but also NL will catch these updates on their "coming soon" list as well.



Gigantorama said:

I have fond memories of playing this game way back when. I'm curious whether they'll release Final Fight 3 though. And Luigi-La-Bouncy, I would personally say that Streets of Rage is a better game, but I think the beat-em-up genre lends itself to general criticisms. It's probably more of a personal preference.

Check out my blog!
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JamieO said:

Cheers @Tony and @Bass_X0 for their advise on finding out about upcoming Virtual Console games.
To think a few clicks of navigation around Nintento Life's 'Virtual Console', 'Games' and 'Coming Soon' tabs and I would have found the list.
I am such a lazy slacker. lol. Thanks again.



y2josh said:

"Capcom just revealed via their Twitter page that the SNES version of Final Fight 2 will be released on the Virtual Console this coming Monday." - 411mania.com



J_K said:

I recently traded at my buddies shop and got the REAL copy of this game. I've been a huge fan of FF1 arcade and even the snes game, and honestly I putting my favor of something so old and friendly for so long aside say that when it's at it, this game is better. The random idiots seem to be a bit harder, but until like the 4th of 6 stages the bosses are pretty easy. The first nasty on is this clown jerk with a rapier on a train, he's just mean, and on the 5th is Rolento who makes a comeback and he's much nastier than in Final Fight 1.

So really some is a trade-off but the game is NOT inferior to the original fanboy love aside being honest with you.



vio said:

Hey on the side bar there at the top, it says this game is being released in North America on Monday!



y2josh said:

Did you look in the air and have the Gods tell you that Warior Warior? (just kidding, ultimate warrior joke)



Superman said:

This game is awful. Why bother wasting the points, especially when Streets of Rage 2 is out.



madgear said:

I love Final Fight but the sequel is poor. Infact the SNES conversion of the original is poor too. My advice is to avoid anything with the Final Fight name on the SNES. OK that's a bit harsh as Final Fight 2 is a fun game, but it's just nowhere near as awesome as the original arcade game.

I'm so desperate for Capcom to release the arcade version of the original. I haven't had the privilidge of owning a decent version of Final Fight since I bought it for the Mega CD in the mid 90's (and no I've never had a PS2 incase you're thinking of pointing that out).



JamieO said:

@madgear You should consider picking up a cheap copy of 'Final Fight One' on Game Boy Advance, it is a great port, which easily surpasses the SNES conversion. You can even unlock Street Fighter Alpha sprites for Cody and Guy to play the game through with (which is really cool!).
I would possibly hold it as high as the well received Mega CD port, it is really that good.
A six quid bargain on eBay, just don't let anyone palm you off with a GBA copy.



WolfRamHeart said:

Good review. I was considering getting this but I think that I'm going to have to pass on it now. I have Final Fight on the Game Boy Advance and that version is excellent. Too bad this one isn't anywhere near as good as the first one. Oh well, I hope that we see Final Fight 3 come to the Virtual Console; I hear that one is actually pretty good.



vio said:

You guys are being too harsh on this. It's just a side scrolling beat 'em up and far as that goes, it's just fine. Damning it just because you can't play as Cody or Guy is being nitpicky IMO. No, it isn't as good as Streets of Rage 2 or the original arcade Final Fight, but anyone who likes beat 'em ups will still enjoy this. Plus, the more people that buy it, the more lilkely we are to see FF 3 in the near future, which is easily the best of SNES trilogy.



WaLuigi1982 said:

I cannot remember if I have played Final Fight 2 or not. So I will probably pick it up regardless.



barneygumble said:

Waiting for Final Fight 3 and keeping the fingers cross for Undercover Cops (SFC) which was an incredible port of the Irem Fightinggame for Super Famicom ( but kind of rare find )



BulbasaurusRex said:

This is a pretty good game, but it has a few problems. First of all, it's a little too hard. I can't even beat the game on the easy difficulty after multiple tries (whereas Streets of Rage 2 was just right, since I barely beat the game on the easy difficulty on my first try). Second, the controls aren't quite as responsive as I'd like. Third, with the large sprites and the small amount of y-axis space, the friendly fire in coop is ridiculous, as you wind up attacking your partner as much as you do the bad guys! The Streets of Rage games could get away with it with their smaller sprites and bigger y-axis space (although I'd still prefer to not have friendly fire), but although it's more realistic, this game needs at least an option to turn off friendly fire.

It's still a good game with good gameplay, good 16-bit graphics with large sprites, and great bosses on levels 4 & 5. Overall, I give it a 7 (while I give Strrets of Rage 2 a 9 and SoR3 an 8).



davegorack said:

i alredy have streets of rage but i whant to get this.
it looks relly fun.
great revew.



Onion said:

Once again, I can't really agree with this score. Anything lower than 7 just seems too harsh. It should get a 7 just for the fact it corrected everything wrong with the previous release. It seems a little unfair that the original was given a 7 and this gets a 6, almost as if the reviewer is trying to say the 2nd one is inferior.



KeeperBvK said:


He's not trying to say that. He does say it very clearly in the final sentence: "Because with the disappointing bosses Final Fight 2 is ultimately Final Fight 1 – just not as good."

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