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Wed 7th Oct 2009

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WaLuigi1982 commented on Reggie Trash-Talks the PSPgo:

I call it the PSPnoGO. I was not interested in the original PSP and still have no desire to play or own a PSP. I am just not into portable gaming.



WaLuigi1982 commented on Wanna Play? Ubisoft show more of Red Steel 2:

I got to say at first I was not interested. But I will give it this it does look like its going to be be ten times better than the first one. At this point I am very interested in this game. The graphic style is pretty cool. Looks like they were given a lot more time to make this one which is good because I hate rushed projects. I guess we will have to wait and see for the final word.



WaLuigi1982 commented on Word Searcher:

Not a bad price. But I think I would enjoy the real deal. I might get it later on since I love word searches.



WaLuigi1982 commented on Sony: We Take More Risks Than Nintendo:

I dunno. The reason I was not interested in Sony was because I felt I would just be playing the same thing over. The only game on PS3 I am dying to play is Metal Gear Solid 4. Nintendo offered a newer and different way to play my favorite franchises.



WaLuigi1982 commented on Over a Third of Wii Games Go Unreviewed:

I noticed sites like IGN and Gamespot review fewer and fewer games. And they are backed by bigger companies. And magazine publications like Game Informer do not really publish too many reviews for Wii. Its just become the new trend in gaming. Nobody (IGN,Gamespot,GI) wants to review Wii games.