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Posted by Philip J Reed

Truth in advertising

Are you a fan of the Trash Pack toyline? Your answer to that question dictates whether or not you'll find anything of value in The Trash Pack for 3DS, as there's nothing noteworthy about this release apart from its connection to that franchise.

The Trash Pack forgoes story altogether and presents you, simply, with a menu. From this menu you can choose to play one of four mini-games, or look at your "Digital Poster." That's it.

The Digital Poster simply tracks how many of the 179 characters you've unlocked. You unlock these characters by playing the mini-games and either collecting them in mystery boxes, or earning aluminum cans that are exchanged automatically for new characters.

One nice feature, we guess, is that you can mark on the Digital Poster which of these toys you own in real life. It's a nice way of tracking them for insurance purposes, or so we like to tell ourselves.

This means that the entire strength of the release rests upon these four mini-games, and, as you might guess, that's a problem.

The best of them is probably Trash Drop, in which your goal is to launch a character — chosen at random — from the lid of a trash can up to a crane, knocking the garbage it's holding into a receptacle down below. It's exactly as simple as it sounds, but once the cranes start moving you'll need to pay a fair amount of attention to your timing and trajectory, making it easily the most involving game in the set. You launch your character by pressing A and then releasing it when the power gauge is as full as you'd like it to be, which gives you an idea of how simple the controls are.

The simple controls make sense for a game collection aimed at children, and the fact is that they are every bit as responsive as we would like. This is particularly evident in Trash Attack, in which you guide another random character around a landfill, picking up aluminium cans and avoiding a bombardment of trash that comes flying in from off camera. In this game you can walk left and right, and jump with A, and the tight controls make it a fair challenge. We're not particularly big fans of The Trash Pack, but we definitely think it could teach a thing or two to lesser mini-game collections in terms of control.

The third game is Trash Catch, which is played sort of like Atari classic Kaboom!, only you're sliding a garbage truck back and forth across the bottom of the screen. Miss enough falling trash and your game ends. It's that simple, but it also never becomes much of a challenge, and that's a problem. You can drive back and forth collecting trash endlessly, and the game doesn't get fast enough to ever require much attention. It's a case of the simplicity becoming a drawback rather than a feature.

The worst game is unquestionably Trash Toss, which asks you to slide the stylus along the bottom screen in order to launch a character into a particular bin, but there's no indication of how much power you're putting behind it so it's a pretty blind case of swiping and hoping for the best. Compared to the above three games, it feels particularly unfinished.

And that, wall to wall, is everything The Trash Pack has to offer. As a retail package, it's pretty paltry. At least two of these games, however, could have done well as individual downloads, especially if they received another pass in the way of refinement. With a little extra attention they could have become competent time wasters, but as it stands they're buried in a forgettable collection that really is best to leave in the...well, you know.


There's simply not enough content in The Trash Pack to justify its price, but we will say that the mini-games — forgettable as they are — control well and serve their modest purposes. It's a release that suffers not because it does anything particularly wrong, but because there's almost no reason to recommend it. Die-hard fans of the toy line may enjoy adding this to their collections, but we doubt anybody else will be impressed.

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LordJumpMad said:

wow, I didn't even know they made retail games like that?
Just by looking at it, you would have guess it was a DSiware game, and with a name like that, how would they think that it would even sell?
They should have called the game "The Thrash Packz" adding a "Z' at the end of everything, seens to help some shovleware games sell.



Knuckles said:

I agree with Happy_Mask. Thank goodness for Activision sending you a review copy.



Auracle said:

This was a full retail game? Yikes! I thought it was a 3DS Ware game. It really is a stinker then (and the bad puns continue).



sinalefa said:

I will keep playing with my Trubbish and my Garbodor, thank you very much.

This just proves that Activision is a trashy developer.



Barbiegurl777 said:

4 mini games & a digital locker sound's alright for a 30 dollar game sort of lol. I getting this game in feb or march. Look's really fun actually kind of ironic for a girl gamer like me to play this lol but still look's like a lot of fun.

Good review & thanx for posting's the screenshots in the review! Really helped.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Lobster said:

This was an honest review, though. I liked the first paragraph, because I had no idea that such a toy line/franchise even existed.
It sounds like they did put effort into it, and it's good that the controls are tight. It's not a total write-off, just... baffling.
I admit I thought it was a downloadable title when it first popped up in my Twitter feed. Retail, yikes!



RetroGBHippie92 said:

@Barbiegurl777 Serious gamers like us probably would never even touch this type of shovelware let alone look at it, it's just really Trashy stuff. (and yet the bad puns still continue to stink this topic up)



Barbiegurl777 said:

@Undead_terror & @RetroGBHippie92,

We'll see I might get this game I might not at first I agree with RetroGB I almost didn't bother to look at it until I saw the commercial off of nickeloedon tv channel for the toy's & that's what sparked my interest to find a little more info on the game.

Like I said before I play the good along with the bad. Mario & other stuff.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



RetroGBHippie92 said:

@Barbiegurl777 Considering the low price compared to more higher quality 3DS games, I guess you get what you pay for, but in all seriousness I've never liked gross-out cartoons or toys. I used to like Crazy Bones as a kid, but that's completely different and they were actually popular back when I was in primary school. I know how companies lure kids into buying bad products and often it revolves around gross stuff or stuff that kids think older siblings enjoy like monsters, aliens etc. That's how Nintendo hooked me on Pokemon when it originally came out...except pokemon is great and stands the test of time and this game doesn't and won't.



Barbiegurl777 said:


I grew up in the 90's & watched alot of cartoonetwork with the addam's family, beetlejuice etc & nick not so much disney so I guess that's why the gross factor doesn't really bother me all that much.

I could sit through a slasher movie that's rated R with blood & guts the whole yard & still sit there eating a hamburger & french fries at the same time lol. Just doesn't seem to faze me for some reason. Sorry... Not really sure why lol.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



themac2001 said:

man this game is rotten, it gone off its target audience, the price is rubbish and is unappealing all around.



Drawdler said:

I hate The Trash Pack so much anyway I don't even want to glorify them with a pun...

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