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Pop Island: Paperfield Review

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

More capture the flag on wheels

When odenis studio released its first Pop Island title onto DSiWare last year, it brought a simple, yet wildly playable capture the flag experience complete with one of the most ambitious visual presentations yet seen on the service. Now it's returned with what you might call a semi-sequel, and once again the game has single or multiplayer "capture the flag on wheels" gameplay in spades, this time with a few new tracks and vehicles to further enhance what was already extremely playable.

Not much has changed from the original Pop Island, so those already familiar with the gameplay from it will feel right at home here. You can choose to play the game as either a single-player experience, where you'll join other AI-controlled team members in a race to capture and return more flags to your base than the opposing team. There are two timed periods per contest, and you'll even get a little break during halftime to get yourself ready for the stretch run, and the team with the most flags captured and taken back to home base wins. As you complete the competitions, you'll earn points in Solo Mode that will unlock new vehicles and maps, and since most of the vehicles and maps are locked at the beginning of the game, this will require some solid playing time in order to unlock everything, something that might rub players wanting to jump right into the thick of things the wrong way.

While locating the flags on your map screen is the first item of business, the main gameplay twist will be tossing your firecrackers at opposing team members in order to knock them off-course and force them to drop their flag. It's at that time that you'll be able to grab it yourself and start heading back to your base. You can even choose to go out in search of opposing team members or head on over to their base where you can take them out as they attempt to return the flags, or form your own escort service and try to safely guide a fellow team member with his flag back to your base taking out opposing team members trying to steal his flag away. Part of the fun of the game is finding the best strategy for getting the most flags, and if you tire of the regular D-Pad controls, you can even use the game's touchscreen functions for something a little different.

In order to get the most out of this game, you really need to round up some other DSi owners in order to get some multiplayer action going. You can have up to 8 players going at it at once and this makes for some extremely frantic action. The game will even allow you to use the download play function of the DS system to share the game with other players in order to get everyone involved. And as much fun as tackling the single-player game can be in unlocking new tracks and vehicles, you won't really get the full experience of the game until you get some other players involved.

The control is simple and extremely responsive throughout the game, and you'll find the different control feels of the various vehicles a lot of fun to experiment with. Some vehicles work better on land whereas others move faster in the water. You'll even be able to take to the skies and be able to smoothly and quickly move around the entire playing field. It's this addictive mix that will keep you coming back to try out new tracks and vehicles in order to find the ones that best suit your playing style. About the only thing missing is some new attacks or control variances, but even that's easy to overlook given how much fun the game still is.

As incredible as the visual display was in the original Pop Island release, it seems to have only gotten more refined with age. The game still flows smoothly at a constant 60 frames per second and you won't likely find a more quirky or vibrant set of terrain anywhere on the service. Even the blocky vehicles that crowd the tracks seem to perfectly complement the areas they inhabit and move with the same fluidity as the scenery itself. For all of the playability the game packs, it's still the graphical presentation that steals the show.

From the moment you begin the game the developers are already informing you how important a role the audio of the game plays in the overall experience. Once you fire up the game and begin playing, you'll quickly see why that is. To say that the majority of the musical tracks are offbeat might be an understatement, but you can't help marvel at how well they carry the playable mood of the game along throughout the competitions. Even the character sound effects, as silly as they tend to be, do a fantastic job of keeping you in tune with the overly silly theme the game makes use of. It might not be quite as flashy as the visual display, but it's darn close.


Pop Island: Paperfield might not be the full-blown sequel some players were expecting, but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable. Not only do you get a host of new tracks and vehicles, but the same frantic capture the flag style gameplay returns in all of its glory. It also doesn't hurt that the game will only cost you a measly 200 Nintendo Points to boot. If you enjoyed the original Pop Island, you're likely to find this new release the perfect continuation of it (not to mention be able to unlock additional tracks and vehicles by owning the original release) and if you somehow passed the first time around, this is the perfect chance for you to see what all the fuss is about.

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User Comments (39)



rafaelluik said:

This game became one of my favorite games ever just after a few minutes playing it! I'm definitely going to buy this new edition!

Just a doubt: can you still use the old vehicles in this game?



Dragonmxz said:

I think the fact that Corbie is in the game(as the jet, Corb) swayed his opinon a bit. but the game is a lot of fun and a worthy update to the origanal. The new vehicals are not just reskins of the old, if you play them enuff you will definatley see and feel the diffrence. the new maps are fun too, with more water based ones this time. Finally, my high score on this game is 423 with Mano and i'd like to see if anyone ca beat that.

@raffel most of the almost black team returns, with the exception of geoff. for whatever weird reason, they replaced him with Luna.



Corbs said:

Being the jet was a nice touch, but I'll only compromise my principals for cold hard cash and sadly, no money changed hands on this one. (I tried)



Dazza said:

No way, Odenis put the Corbinator in the game? That's so cool.




LordJumpMad said:

For 200 points, This game is a awesome steal
And its one of the best looking games on there, and you don't see that in most DSiWare games.



Klapaucius said:

How come the first game is 500 and this is just 200 points? Is it only half as much game?



jdarrell said:

Paperfield has three maps (which is less than six) and the two teams have four characters each (which is less than six.) If you have the 500-point game, you receive bonus maps and characters such that each game has equal amounts of different content (both games have the All Black team). But the amount you get with just the 200-point game is definitely worth it.

Edit: I was wrong, the original has eight maps. Paperfield has three plus three bonus.



Morpheel said:

The Corb being the central image in the preview and the top banner, after seeing who the reviewer is, is funny



Sylverstone said:

I have this game and it is awesome. 200 points is a great deal and hell, Corbie is in the game in the form of a kick-a** fighter jet!



cheapogamer4life said:

This game is sooooo worth the points. I havent had a chance to fly Corbs jet yet, but the demo of his fighter jet in action looks AWESOME !



Ninbrendo said:

From the review: "...In order to get the most out of this game, you really need to round up some other DSi owners in order to get some multiplayer action going."

From the press release: "Thanks to the DS Download Play feature (available on ALL Nintendo DS™ and Nintendo DSi™) , share Pop Island - Paperfield and compete joyfully with up to seven friends!"



Skitrules said:

sounds like fun i will get it with my next points card thanks corbie for the review



lOnE-WolF said:

Question time: Not played the original, so would I be missing anything getting this instead?



Corbs said:

You'd actually probably be better off getting this one instead of the first one. That way if you found you really liked it and then wanted to go back and get the original, you could.



piguy101 said:

Wow with just ten minuets of play this I'm already thinking about buying the first one. Got a high score of 132! Is that good? I'm already thinking about buying the first one because I thought this was fun but too short.



ExploderReviews said:

Wow i just bought an 8$ game and this the 8$ game sucked but just getting this was worth ten$. Even if theres nothing you want but this still pay the 10$ to get 2$ on.



KDR_11k said:

I wonder if these military vehicles are a hint towards a future Glory Days 3?



AVahne said:

Incredibly fun! I bought Art Academy First Semester for 800 points and was looking for something good for 200 points. When I found this, I couldn't believe what an incredible deal it is.



SevenForce said:

Brought this the other day and love it. I played thbis with 7 other people at yesterdays DS London meet up and spent like an hour playing this, it was madness everyone was having a great time with it.



ramstrong said:

I knew Nintendo DSi is a great platform, but this is the first game in ages, where I actually actively hunts other people to play a game with me! Imagine me, talking to strangers, asking them whether or not they play video games! Yes, it is that good. The more the merrier! For 200 points, it is a must buy. Games like this are what sells computers of the old. Great fun, great price, great buy! Highly recommended!



suburban_sensei said:

I don't have any friends with a DSi, is this still worth getting, even if I will probably never try the multiplayer mode?



sam322 said:

hey corbie thanks for the review.But can you give me reasons why should I get this?



sam322 said:

oh btw you guys sure do like this game so thanks for posting comments i read almost all of them so i might pick this one!



paperskyx said:

Looks like I'll be buying this one as well as the original with my next points card! I've heard really great things about the Pop Island games, and this is an amazing price for such a cool game.



GammaGames said:

this would be so crazy on 3ds! I would like throw up from all the colors flying at me (yes, happy thought)



xxx_Kirby_xxx said:

I got this, it's just a shame there's not that many islands. But, yeah, this game is way more enjoyable in multiplayer, but solo still gives you a few laughs. . I just love drawing the cute characters. I was sad, though, that you couldn't unlock the shark submarine. That really let me down.



Greygnarl said:

I wouldn't be too thrilled if I didn't have Pop Island. If you already own Pop Island, you can unlock Lou the helicopter, the Shark Submarine, and Corb the jet, not to mention 4 new worlds. If you won't get the Pop Island game because you don't like the few islands and people here, buy Pop Island, because Pop Island has more islands and people, and you will unlock more people on Paperfield.

I beat Paperfield last night



TwillightPrince said:

am i the only one who regrets buying this game...
the fog in the graphics are just as annoying as on nintendogs.



Geonjaha said:

No, I actually regret buying it too. All the high reviews and the fact that it has multiplayer meant I tried it out, but I really dont like it. I find the available characters just strange as a first time player, and the graphics just arent to my liking. Luckily it only costs 200 points, so I just deleted it.

I bought Pyoro and Paper plane, and although they were only remakes of microgames - I preferred them a lot. The graphics in this game are messy and just durty in my opinion. The characters dont appeal to me at all, and I just honestly didnt like it. First and only DSiWare game I ever deleted. Its a cheap game and if you enjoy it then its fine, but it being multiplayer and cheap doesnt make any difference to me when I have to intention of ever playing it.



bluey611 said:

I just got it on my 3DS, so how do i get the extra vehicles cause i have pop island on my DSi



YorkshireNed said:

it's a really fun game but I can only play it for a short time before my left thumb starts hurting



rafaelluik said:

You regret it, and so what? WHY do you regret it?

I have it and it's a good game. I played constantly up until I got everything unlocked and I like it. It doesn't get very cool after you unlocked everything because there's no more goals but if you like a cheap game you can play with your friends with nice sounds and graphics you have the perfect game here.

@36. bluey611 I answered you here.



Crazybrain1 said:

I'm wondering if I should get this or Rytmik Rock Edition.
Edit: Never mind, I got both. I like it a lot, and it's great with multiplayer.

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