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Thanks to the easy pick-up and play control themes, dive into this fresh universe and have fun in almost no time!
Join your team and race, surf or fly on three new islands. Get a maximum of flags to win the victory in the “Race for flags” or “Capture the flag” mode.


With the new “Magic Shooters” team, take control of eight land, sea and air vehicles or animals, including tanks, hovercrafts, planes, surfing penguins, eagles, black cats!
Get even more involved in the action with the impressive graphics engine that runs fast and smooth at 60 frames per second.


In Solo Mode, rack up points and unlock new playable vehicles and maps.
Thanks to the DS Download Play feature (available on ALL Nintendo DS™ and Nintendo DSi™) , share Pop Island - Paperfield and compete joyfully with up to seven friends!


If you own Pop Island on your Nintendo DSi , you can get three new maps and four vehicles including the helicopter and the submarine

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

More capture the flag on wheels

When odenis studio released its first Pop Island title onto DSiWare last year, it brought a simple, yet wildly playable capture the flag experience complete with one of the most ambitious visual presentations yet seen on the service. Now it's returned...

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User Comments (11)



Old_School said:

I have the first title and I am really looking forward to this, especially for 200 points it is a must...



KCKowalchuk said:

if i don't have the first one, will buying this save me points or will it be a smaller game?



Corbs said:

It's a stand-alone game. But it feels like more of a continuation of the first game. You also can unlock more tracks and vehicles by owning the first game.



smiley531 said:

how do you unlock 4 new characters,i mean what do they mean by "own pop island"???



Sumaebo said:

Im going to get a pop island, but i cant decide between paperfield or normal =/



SkywardLink98 said:

The first looked good, but I'll get this one first because it's $3 cheaper, and after playing this to DEATH I'll decide if I want the first. And can you get the Bonus maps on 3DS?

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