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Kirby Super Star Ultra Review

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Posted by Stuart Reddick

Can Kirby prove that his latest DS adventure is a super offering?

It’s not at all hard to love Kirby – after all, he’s an adorable little puff ball! Nethertheless, despite being cute and on the short side, he packs a powerful punch and is not scared to dish out pain. This gives Kirby the appeal to satisfy young and old gamers alike, which has founds him make his way into many people’s hearts, both hardcore and veteran.

While Kirby’s last SNES outing didn’t exactly light up the sales chart, it did find a place on many gamers’ favourites list. With that in mind, Nintendo decided that it would be appropriate to recreate this overlooked adventure on the Nintendo DS so more players could experience it. The end result is a magnificent remake that captures every little detail of the original.

For those who have experienced a Kirby title, Kirby Super Star Ultra should hold no surprises whatsoever. Right from the moment you pick up the game, Super Star Ultra puts you on a rollercoaster ride full of enjoyment and classic platforming action with a bit of a twist. That being said, Kirby Super Star Ultra is a post of the SNES incarnation – albeit with some fine-tuning – and this may come as a disappointment for those who wanted a totally new Kirby experience.

While it makes use of many classic platforming elements, Kirby Super Star Ultra is no ordinary platformer. Instead of a simple ‘run-n-jump’ style that most other games adopt, Super Star Ultra breaks from the mould in favour of a more ‘float-n-fly’ style approach. Although this change severely reduces the difficulty of the game – you simply just keep puffing to stay out of chasms – it does prove to be an intriguing concept that makes Kirby Super Star Ultra stand out from the countless 2D platformers out there.

Another noteworthy difference that Kirby boasts is that he can suck up enemies and steal their special abilities for either his own benefit or to spawn a sidekick. Like Kirby, the sidekick that appears has a limited amount of health and once it’s depleted, he’ll simply vanish. The loveable pink blob can produce more sidekicks, though it’s worth mentioning that only one can be with him at any time.

Kirby Super Star Ultra certainly brings a lot of intriguing ideas to the table, some of which were absent in the original. This time around you can have your sidekick controlled by a second player: if you have an extra Nintendo DS and second copy of the game (without a copy of the game you can sync up your system and use it as a D-pad while looking over your buddy's shoulder). We actually thought this was quite a nifty feature, if a little awkward with one cart.

Upon viewing the main menu you’re given the option of six main games, and three mini-game-like games on the side. Each of the main games contains plenty of classic bite-size platforming adventures whereas the mini-games feel like simple diversions added to Kirby Super Star Ultra. Each main game has its own positives and negatives, and we found it hard to actually pick a favourite from the bunch – they’re just all great to play.

However, for those thinking they can dive into whatever adventure they want to from the outset, here’s a wake-up call – Spring Breeze is the only one unlocked at the beginning, and gaining access to other modes will require its completion. On the bright side though, Spring Breeze is rather short and simple adventure that acts as a perfect tutorial for newcomers to the franchise – you’ll be through it in a breeze!

Of course, Nintendo wanted to get Kirby Super Star Ultra in everyone’s Nintendo DS library, and to do so they added a considerable amount of new modes for the veterans. Once the original modes have been completed, four brand new ones become unlocked – all of which are as strong as the others. Nintendo have also made enhancements to the original by# including some high quality full-motion video sequences for introductions, endings, and level intermissions. And, while the in-game graphics haven’t undergone any major changes, they look great on the Nintendo DS.

The only thing that the game really lacks touchscreen controls; the touchscreen isn’t used nearly as much as it should be – most of the adventure is played using the D-pad and action buttons. That being said, it is included in the mini-games for 1-4 players – a nice addition, but one that doesn’t quite make up for the main adventure's unevolved controls.

In terms of difficulty, Kirby’s colourful adventure might put of a few of the hardcore gamers. Kirby is a character that looks cute and cuddly, which appeals to the younger audience. Because of this, Kirby Super Star Ultra is a very easy platforming game and – to some extent – a rather basic title: Levels are short, bosses are predictable and simple to beat, and when you add the extra computer or human-controlled sidekick in, things become even easier.


With all the small issues asides, Kirby Super Star Ultra is still a magnificent title. It isn’t difficult to see the high production values and the extent the developers went to make the game accessible to all age groups. Though it may be a little on the easy side, this still a Kirby outing you’ll not want to miss out on.

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Kittsy said:

Huh, I would of gone lower. It was a very small game, and ridiculously easy.



Terra said:

Has this been released in Europe yet? If so, I'll buy that next.



Big_A2 said:

Yup. This game was released awhile ago.

And don't you dare tell me this game is too easy Kittsy. I find The Arena almost impossible.



dagreenone said:

@ Kittsy, c'mon it's a Kirby game, what kind of difficulty do you want? For a Kirby game, this one I believe has the highest difficult (which isn't saying much).



CowLaunch said:

I would like to get this, but I might wait for it to come out on VC. I thought the last boss in Kirby's Dream Land 2 was quite tricky.



Golgo said:

Terrific (set of) games, with so much love and detail poured in. Arena is indeed rock hard - I can't get past more than 12 bosses! But the rest is pretty moderate in difficulty and all the more enjoyable for it: you can choose which abilities to copy and experiment with purely for fun, rather than because you have to to progress. I love it. Almost as good as Canvas Curse. (Great Kirby review day/love-in, by the way, reviewer guys!)



Bensei said:

I played this game single card and me and my friend had to share the DS screen of mine (although you need 2 DS). Does it work the same for multi-card?

Btw, what does this game take so long to realease in Europe?!!!!?



Drake said:

No, Terranigma, it's not been released in Europe. Every other region has it already but NoE's being stupid as usual



Terra said:

Damm. I wasn't sure as i had a feeling it wasn't but then i saw it listed on Amazon (Which i now see is for the US version). Thanks for clearing that for me.

Damm NOE. At least we got Disaster, although it may not be there fault completely if the rumors that Nintendo of Japan control most of the releases in the different regions are true



Party_On_Dude said:

All I can say is WOW; a score of 9?! That's pretty amazing... I still need to purchase it!
Lovely reiew BTW!



theblackdragon said:

long story short: if you liked the SNES version, you'll like this. if you didn't, though, avoid this like the plague.



FJOJR said:

I got this for 10 bucks on sale at fye. I love the videos when Kirby invades the Halberd. Intense. If you notice a lot of the levels in Brawl's Subspace Emissary, especially the Halberd, are copies of this game.



Outrunner said:

Wish it was out in Europe. Ah well, I'll just play Power Paintbrush. Mouse Attack isn't bad either.



alvieao said:

I recently picked up Kirby Super Star Ultra for the DS and it's an excellent game. No wonder it's considered one of the best installments of the Kirby series, as well as being Kirby creator Masahiro Sakurai's magnum opus. This Kirby title is packed with a variety of different games (and new ones in Ultra), not to mention you have tons of unique abilities to use. Just when you think the games in Super Star Ultra seem short and easy, the rest of the unlockable modes are quite the contrary. Achieving 100% completion in the game is challenging, because you'll spend a lot of time playing through the boss rush modes like The Arena, The True Arena and Helper to Hero (have fun beating it with all helpers!). Kirby Super Star Ultra is a brilliant remake of the late SNES classic... GET IT NOW!



mateo711 said:




mateo711 said:

sorry! This game is 10/10. The only thing that annoys me is The Arena and HelperToHero. Its SO HARD! The rest is pretty easy.



moosa said:

There are a number of incorrect points in this review, such as the graphics being the same and that this is basically the same as any Kirby experience out there. Also, the review fails to mention anything about just what makes this game so awesome. This is an ACTION game, and what makes it so appealing at it's core is the copy mechanics and the variety and sheer volume of different abilities and moves at your disposal. That, combined with the ingenious level designs, incredible art style, and timeless music, of course. This is the best Kirby game there is right now, and though MOST of it is definitely on the easy side, there's a lot of content in this little game, and its all extremely appealing.



Metafish said:

I love Kirby more than any other game character. I've just bought this game from US, because it isn't released in EU yet. I'm waiting for it to dumb down my letterbox

Kirby, you will always hold a special place in my heart xD



ICEknight said:

"the touchscreen isn’t used nearly as much as it should be – most of the adventure is played using the D-pad and action buttons"

...You wanted to control a SNES platformer with the touch screen? Insane. =P



g-silent007 said:

I just recently found my copy of the game after I lost and I believe that I like it even more than before if thats possible. This is a really good game, best kirby in my opinion



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

Easy, eh? Okay, have fun playing Helper to Hero. How easy is that?! And how could you add touch-screen controls?! Then they would HAVE to have it in Milky Way Wishes (which happens to be relatively challenging), which already has touch controls! Plus, they already use the touch screen PERFECTLY!



fishman100 said:

this is a great title. for only$29.99, you get 8 (maybe more games in one with wi-fi/multiplayer. Buy TODAY!!!



Simon_Deku said:

Easy at first, hard at the end. It's how all the kirby games are! That's one reason that I like them.



xxx_Kirby_xxx said:

@kirby Get a friend who owns this game to help you out, that's what I did.

This game is easily one of my fave Kirby games. Love it.



Colors said:

It was so worth trading my friend a ds case, Pokemon mystery dungeon: explorers of time, and pokemon firered, for a chewed up version of kirby superstar ultra.



SparkOfSpirit said:

This is one of the harder Kirby games. How can it be too easy? Anyway, Kirby games aren't about challenge, they're about replay. Since you can do so much in the games, they're always different experiences every time through.

Super Star and Return To Dream Land are the very best Kirby games specifically for this reason.



HawkeyeWii said:

there are still many parts in the game I can't beat, like finding all the treasures. Also the Arena is extremely hard. I don't exactly get why everyone is saying this game is so easy?



solomani said:

I notice two players can play this. Is the sidekick worthwhile playing and can he be played through the entire single player game?

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