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Fri 19th Jun 2009

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Metafish commented on Review: Kirby Super Star Ultra (DS):

I love Kirby more than any other game character. I've just bought this game from US, because it isn't released in EU yet. I'm waiting for it to dumb down my letterbox

Kirby, you will always hold a special place in my heart xD



Metafish commented on Review: Chrono Trigger (DS):

I've tried a few of Bethesda's RPG's, but none of 'em catched me.. Do you think this one will? I really like the Pokemon RPGs and Mario & Luigi RPGs

This just looks so awesome, I love the artstyle... Manga ftw



Metafish commented on Review: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (DS):

I like all the stylus based spots in the game like; hijacking a car, crashing the window of a car in the very beginning, search dumbsters for weapons, dismantle bombs and so on and so on

I haven't really started on it though..