PC Engine Mini

Following the shock news that Konami are planning to release a PC Engine Mini console (TurboGrafx-16 for our US readers) we have been eagerly waiting to slam down a pre-order as we're sure that these will sell out quicker than the original NES Mini due to limited supply at launch.

Amazon UK is now listing the pre-order for the PC Engine CoreGrafx Mini priced at £99.99 and it is currently set to ship on 19th March 2020. That's lovely, but don't fret if you're jealous of the more attractive PC Engine version - that can also be pre-ordered, provided you can get your head around how to place an order on Amazon Japan. And if that wasn't enough, the US TurboGrafx-16 Mini can also be pre-ordered from Amazon US also for $99.99.

Which of the three shall we choose? The correct answer is, of course, all of the above, although our bank balance is still reeling after getting hit by the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive Mini. That mini PC Engine is calling us, though, despite not being much smaller than the original console.

If Amazon Japan is proving tough to navigate, we've also added Play Asia links, although these are not fully active at the time of writing. Be sure to check back to catch them once they're up and running.

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Let us know if you plan to pick up one of these lovely retro delights with a comment below.