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My favorite systems: Colecovision, NES, SNES, Genesis, Neo-Geo, PS3 My favorite games: (tough one!): Super Mario Bros, Zelda, God of War III, Baseball Stars 2, Super Metroid, Contra, Donkey Kong, Zelda ALTTP, NAM-1975, Street Fighter 2, Star Fox, Sonic The Hedgehog, Shinobi, and so on...

Thu 13th Mar 2014

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spoonmanx commented on Sega Scrapped A Golden Axe Remake With Odin Sp...:

@Kirk I was going to say you are nuts... as Golden Axe III is a pretty terrible game. Thankfully you were not speaking of the Mega Drive only atrocity

I agree, Sega really should release some of their better arcade only games to modern consoles and the 3DS. I'd love to see GA: Revenge of Death Adder, Shadow Dancer, and others released by M2.



spoonmanx commented on Video: This Harmless Exploit Will Help You Gra...:

They must have patched this with 4.1??

I just tried it and it didn't work. I deleted the new character from Animal Crossing, following the directions, it came up saying a new surprise guest is here, AYA KYOGOKU, but then when it opens Mii Plaza she is deleted and doesn't come back.
Now I'm down to zero special characters so I can't try it again.

In addition it also came up with two more notifications:
1 "StreetPass Mii Plaza — New Games" saying a new update is available (it's not)
2 "Puzzle Swap" telling me nee panels are available. Neither of these do anything other than just open Mii Plaza when clicked on.

Any ideas? Not I expect any replied this far out, but if this helps keep someone else from deleting a special Mii then I suppose it's worth my time to post.
I guess it serves me right...cheating, or attempting to anyway.
It's just that we get ZERO people around me with 3DS systems so it's taken me about 4 years to complete ONE puzzle! I have. I have no way of getting pink pieces other than the few a year from Nintendo.



spoonmanx commented on Two Tetris Titles Pulled From the 3DS eShop in...:

The worst part of this. The part that ANYONE BUYING DIGITAL DOWNLOADS ON A NINTENDO BRANDED SYSTEM NEEDS TO KNOW..... Is that if you bought this and anything happens to your 3DS, or even just Tetris gets deleted by accident then you will NEVER BE ABLE TO GET IT BACK!

Nintendo's archaic digital ecosystem is beyond terrible. They, at the very least, should always allow you to re-download all purchases that you have made regardless of copyright issues on their end. There are several games on PSN which are no longer available for sale to the public, The Simpson's Arcade for example, but since I purchased it years ago I can still jump on PSN and re-download it as much as I'd like.

Nintendo has always been a bit late to the online network party, but now it's costing people money when they buy into digital only downloads. Unacceptable.



spoonmanx commented on Review: Another World - 20th Anniversary Editi...:

It's really too bad that they chose not to bother adding 3D support to Another World 20th Anniversary on the 3DS. I already bought the PS3/Vita versions, but I woke have gladly bought it again just for the 3D effects. I imagine they would have looked pretty amazing too. The bubbles in the water, the part where you are running away from the laser shooting enemies while seeing them in the foreground, it could have been great.

Oh well....



spoonmanx commented on Review: 3D Streets of Rage 2 (3DS eShop):

Seha didn't change Revenge of Shinobi just to mess with it. They did that because they were forced to because of copyright laws.

When they made Revenge of Shinobi/The Super Shinobi they had licensing deals with Spider-Man and Rambo, but they did also sneak a few others in which resembled licensed characters such as; Godzilla, Batman, & The Terminator.

Unfortunately we will not likely see the original version unless Sega were to pay to license these, and that's assuming that's even an option since they never asked permission to begin with!

So it would be:
1. A slightly modified title screen (to look more generic ninja to look less like Sonny Chiba.)
2. Pink Spider-Man
3. Skeleton Godzilla
4. Devilman instead of Batman
5. Rambo looking flamethrowers become bald.

I will never sell my original REV00 versions of this, Moonwalker, Mystic Defender, or Super Hang-On.



spoonmanx commented on Matters of Import: 3D Fantasy Zone: Opa-Opa Br...:

@MAB glad to see more 3D classics, but I prefer M2's work on the PS3 with Neo-Geo Station, Sega Vintage Classics, and Capcom Arcade Cabinet. They look incredible at 1080p 1:1 pixel mode with emulated scanlines. Throw in online co-op, movie recording, music jukebox, trophies and you have a great bargain at $4.99/each.

I really wish Sega/M2 would release more games on the PS3 and in 3D. Super Hang-On looks awesome in stereoscopic 3D on a 50" HDTV!



spoonmanx commented on The Analogue Nt Is A NES Fashioned From Aircra...:

There is no way this will (or should anyway) cost "hundreds of dollars".
If this is similar to the system Bunnyboy AKA Brian from Retrozone is working on it will be built using an FPGA board, and according to them: "The current estimated price is $139.95"

Other options to this:

Those Retron5, and other clones have issues with certain games, accuracy, sound issues, as well as jailbars in some cases.

It's cheap, but it's inaccurate. As a classic game I would like to use my original game cartridges and know I am getting a 100% perfect version of every game.

This use to be a cheap deal, but since so many people have done this over the last 10 years it's driven up the price of PC-10 and Nintendo VS boards, which people use to sacrifice for the RGB PPU. I never did this myself because I don't believe in destroying any classic hardware.

Good luck finding one of these monsters for a cheap price!