Yesterday we reported on an unofficial Fortnite event in the UK (in the fair city of Norwich, to be exact) and it seems that the weekend woes, bad press and refund requests aren't the last of the headaches for the organisers.

According to Eurogamer, Epic Games has taken note of the hubbub surrounding the disorganised event and is taking legal action to prevent any further events.

According to Norwich Evening News, Shaun Lord, head of the snappily named Exciting Events company responsible for 'Fortnite Live', had planned further events in both Spalding and Newark, hoping that the festival would gain traction. However, that seemed to be unlikely after yesterday's news stories, and impossible now Epic's legal eagles have decended.

“We want to keep this going because we are a family business," Lord said, "we want to do this for the kids and this is for the kids who love the game of Fortnite."

We admit to feeling just a little sorry for the organisers. Their brazen use of Fortnite assets to promote the event notwithstanding, it's a shame that their ambition outstripped their abilities to put on a decent show for fans. For all his missteps, it's hard to disagree when Lord bristles at comparisons to Fyre Festival.

“To relate to that was a bit harsh. People are entitled to their own opinion and we can’t stop that."

Unfortunately, Epic games are able to stop any future events, so if residents of Spalding and Newark want in on Battle Royale-based festival fun, they'll have to hope that Tetris 99 gets its own knock-off event in the near future.

Think Epic is missing a trick by not organising more official Fortnite events? How far would you travel to participate in a well-organised one? Drop us a line below...