TIME magazine has a certain level of prestige, and so when it does its end-of-year lists they get circulated and seen a lot. It's a nice win for Nintendo, then, that the Switch has been named as one of the 25 Best Inventions of 2017 by the publication.

It's another reminder of how positively the little system has been received, and how the simple concept (in theory) of a tablet device that intuitively plays through the TV is such a winner. It's classic Nintendo and represents the company at its best - take established technology and a simple idea, sprinkle it with magic dust (and add Joy-Cons) and wow the world. It's one of the reasons so many follow and adore the company.

It's a nice honour for the Switch, though we will say the list is pretty erratic. It outlines transformative technology like a craft that can explore Mars and sustainable crops, but also features fidget spinners and an $80 self-heating coffee mug.

In any case, well done Nintendo Switch, we love ya.

[via time.com]