Nintendo’s minimalistic Switch eShop has been seeing some nice gradual improvements over time as the library continues expanding at an alarming rate. Though it’s still got quite a way to go before matching the Wii U eShop in terms of display options, the addition of things like a sales tab and the ability to pay with PayPal shows that the company is listening to feedback. Now, another quiet addition has been made.

If you go to do a keyword search there’s now an option to filter your results by searching for games with demos. It may be a bit of a bizarre spot, but hopefully this should encourage more developers to start putting out demos for their games, while encouraging users to try new things more often. Perhaps if this gets used enough, Nintendo will move it into a more visible spot as a dedicated tab on the left.

What do you think? Will you make use of this new function? How else would you like to see Nintendo change up the eShop? Share your thoughts in the comments below.