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Fri 6th September, 2013

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Morgan19 commented on Pokémon Moviegoers in Japan Can Receive Dianc...:

For as big a deal they made of their "simulatenous global release", the non-Japan bonuses to X/Y elsewhere sure have been paltry or nonexistant. Why tout equality like that and then totally ignore it after the fact?



Morgan19 commented on CoroCoro Magazine Reveals Pokémon X & Y Start...:

Surprised no one's said this yet, but given the game's France-influenced location, Fennekin's second evo apperance absolutely screams "french maid outfit"...

My guess is that Chespin will be like Butterfree, where it starts out normal, then cocoons, then becomes something more menacing.



Morgan19 commented on Bravely Default: For the Sequel To Serve as Te...:

I'm thoroughly confused... So is NA not getting the original BD at all, but rather an updated BD:FTS version? And if so, is it FTS that's still being developed to possibly remove things like turn-based combat, or is that a third sequel? I thought the game was being released soon into 2014, but it sounds like that may not be the case after all, if it's going through all this renovating.