The Pokémon Company showed off a new trailer for Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon this past weekend, giving hints as to what players can expect in this new story within the Alola region. In the trailer gameplay can be seen with the protagonist talking to a Pokémon trainer in a yellow gym filled with many bins. This is very similar to Kanto's third gym in Vermilion City, where players face off against Lt.Surge and his electric type Pokémon. 

This would not be the first time that revisiting previous regions became possible, with Gold and Silver famously allowing you to return to Kanto after defeating the elite four in Johto. Check out the image comparison below and judge for yourself. 

Kanto Gym teased.jpg
Lt Surge Gym.jpg

Warning! Spoilers for Sun and Moon:

Another piece of evidence that Kanto could be returning is that when you complete Pokémon Sun and Moon your companion Lillie set sails for the region, leading to more speculation that the player could follow her. 

In addition, Game Informer has revealed that the new games will have a Photo Club mode, in which you can pose characters, apply filters and make various edits.

Do you like the look of Photo Club, and would you like to return to Kanto in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon? Let us know in the comments.