Pokkén Tournament has made its bow in Japanese arcades - the Bandai Namco-developed brawler has had plenty of months in build up and playtests and is now out in the wild. Accompanying the launch was a Famitsu announcement that Blaziken will be added to the game in August, and the début trailer has now been released.

There was a live stream to celebrate the launch yesterday, too, and if you fancy two hours of footage and banter in Japanese, YouTuber MaxEzzy appears to have one of the higher quality uploads available.

It was confirmed recently that consideration is being given to bringing the arcade to the West in the future, which would certainly be welcome. As there are some Mario Kart GP DX cabinets kicking around outside of Japan, it's clearly not out of the question.

Are you hopeful of tracking down a cabinet to play this in future, or are you holding out and dreaming of a console port?