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Ghost Song Developer "Prepared to Move Heaven and Earth" for Wii U Release

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Time needed to port Open FL project to the system

Ghost Song was a Kickstarter project that certainly caught the eye in 2013, with an obvious source of inspiration being Super Metroid, while its mechanics, setting and sense of style were certainly appealing. While it reached its funding goal for PC / Mac, it unfortunately fell short of its Wii U port target, though the developer shared their hope of bringing the game to Nintendo's system.

The creator of the project, Matt White, has now been in touch with another update on the project's potential arrival on Wii U. There's some explanation of why the port isn't a simple undertaking, but it's been reiterated that bringing the game to the home console is still a significant target.

The long and short of it is — Without getting too long winded or too technical — Ghost Song is built on a code library called "Open FL". Open FL does not currently export to Wii U, but there is an effort underway to make it do so. Not being involved in this effort, though, I cannot responsibly make guarantees as to whether or when it'll happen.

I am prepared to move heaven and earth to get this game onto Wii U, however, even if the Open FL export never happens, and will try my best to get the game ported over to another engine if it comes down to it. I am highly motivated, not just because so many Nintendo fans want the game on Wii U, but because I am a Nintendo fan and want it on Wii U.

That love for Nintendo also shone through the crowdfunding campaign, so it'll be interesting to see if the Wii U version becomes a reality. It's worth checking out the latest footage, below, to get a sense of how the experience is shaping up.

Is this a game you'd like to see on Wii U?

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Spoony_Tech said:

I'm not sure how I feel about it. Need to learn and see more. At the very least it does look interesting. Looks almost too much like NES Metroid if you ask me. Not a bad thing at all!



Socar said:

Looks a lot like Super Metroid if you ask me........I just feel like I'd rather play that game over this.......



Tsurii said:

Looks really a lot like Metroid with even darker environment. I like that;)




What the hell is it with all the dumb donkey hate on this??, this game looks fantastic and i would purchase it in a heartbeat . The fact it slightly resembles one of the greatest games ever made is reason not to play it or to need to know more?? Indie games should be supported especially when they look this amazing and this lack of encouragement is what leaves everyone constantly asking when will the eshop get more good indie games.
Watch the profanity please — TBD



xxAcesHighxx said:

Ghost Song looks utterly brilliant and right up my street. If it's appearance on Wii U becomes a reality, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Got my fingers crossed for you Matt



Volmun said:

Good to see this projects still going and im still looking forward to it.



Mega719 said:

It's sad indies are more caring than 3rd parties in bringing their games to Wii U even if the system doesn't currently support an engine. Is Candle still supporting Direct X11 on Wii U? That was Square Enix main reason for not bringing Kingdom Hearts 3 which turned into some controversy when this indie game was revealed to be using this as shaders



BlackholeRoad said:

@Artwark I understand where you'd say that, and that inspiration is a big part of this game. But as one of the first backers of this game, I've watched its development all the way through, and it has so much that sets it apart from Metroid. The intended difficulty is one thing to note, it's like Dark Souls in a few ways actually, you can find yourself in areas "you're not supposed to go to" due to being underpowered, but there's actually subtle encouragement to try to tackle these areas earlier. The secrets are so much more clever in this game too, again think Dark Souls in that sense as well. I encourage you to look into the game, there's simply too much to talk about that sets it apart from its core inspiration games.



sketchturner said:

"I am highly motivated, not just because so many Nintendo fans want the game on Wii U, but because I am a Nintendo fan and want it on Wii U."

More beautiful words have never been spoken by a game developer. If this hits the eshop, I'll buy it.



S3OL said:

Never could get into Metroid but this looks great. Perhaps I should try and play Metroid again...



Kaze_Memaryu said:

When the developer showed Ghost Song for the first time, I was sceptical because it reminded me a lot of the Super Metroid Eris romhack. But when looking at it now, it's so different and beautiful, it's just breathtaking! The video already had so much atmosphere!
I applaud you, Mr. White! This project has my support!



Ryno said:

I will probably if it makes it to the Wii U since Super Metroid is one of my favorite games of all time.



Grimlock_King said:

To the developer. It looks ok for a metroid inspired game. Wanna bet the character turns to some kind of a morph ball? But aiming diagonal or up and not looking in that direction is very amatuer development. Make sure he/she looks where it's shooting it throws the game off.



twotimingpete said:

I can confirm there's no morph ball or anything similar to it. thanks all for your nice comments.

Re. aim animations, while I would never claim to be beyond criticism, and indeed there may be room for improvement, I don't think the idea that there is no change at all in eyeline to be entirely accurate. Here's a better look at some of the aim sprites:

Aiming "up" being a no-look is actually intentional, and sort of inspired by robocop — I am weird — but some have pointed out they don't like it, so I won't rule out making changes.



WiiLovePeace said:

If that's the case I'll move heaven & Earth to buy the game This game is on my radar now. Well played developer, well played.



sr388x said:

This looks more like Phantom 2024. Super Metroid was a masterpiece. This looks like a polished up C grade Snes
game with that horrible reverb soaked sound still in tact. Too bad. It sounded good and I was exited until I watched that video



rp17 said:

I would rather wait for ReVen... but since this guy's trying so hard, if he succeeds in bringing it to the Wii U, I'll try it after.



Aerona said:

With all these games emulating the metroid style, you'd think Nintendo would be putting out a few games of their own.



onery said:

Backed the project when it was up and wishing him the best for his game.



KryptoKrunch said:

"I am highly motivated, not just because so many Nintendo fans want the game on Wii U, but because I am a Nintendo fan and want it on Wii U."

I like how he operates. Pretty interesting looking game thus far.

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