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Mon 12th Aug 2013

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twotimingpete commented on Ghost Song Developer "Prepared to Move Heaven ...:

I can confirm there's no morph ball or anything similar to it. thanks all for your nice comments.

Re. aim animations, while I would never claim to be beyond criticism, and indeed there may be room for improvement, I don't think the idea that there is no change at all in eyeline to be entirely accurate. Here's a better look at some of the aim sprites:

Aiming "up" being a no-look is actually intentional, and sort of inspired by robocop — I am weird — but some have pointed out they don't like it, so I won't rule out making changes.



twotimingpete commented on Ghost Song: A Journey of Hope Could Come to Wi...:

Hey guys, my name is Matt, and I'm the creator of Ghost Song. The existing build of the game, the one that is shown in images and videos, was made completely by me. Design, art, and programming. The kickstarter is to bring on a full time programmer and spend all our time on the game to make it bigger and better.

I understand, and came into this expecting, a certain degree of skepticism about the game's similarities to Super Metroid. This project began about a year ago, without as much of a specific plan except that I wanted to make a Metroid-like because Nintendo clearly has no interested in it (The last 2D Metroid came out in 2003). It was sort of a cathartic exercise at that point, with no ambition beyond putting it on flash portals. I meant no harm, I had only love.

Since that time, the design and ambition for the game has grown extremely, and I've introduced many gameplay mechanics that have never been in a Metroid game, (RPG system, inventory, stats, a pet system) as well as a rich and memorable story. In this gif (warning, it's a bit big at like 5 megs) you can see the floating damage numbers and critical hits. These were disabled from the trailer to keep it clean looking.

Moving forward, rebuilding the game on Unity, I'm open to making some further changes around the margins to give the game a bit more of its own feel, and, in fact, have plans to. That said, it will still be similar to Metroid, and either you like that or don't.

I must disagree with the more fiery comments that it's a lazy rip off or whatever else some have said. It's not. I eat, sleep, and breathe this game, and I feel I have something to offer with it.

Thanks for the lively discussion.