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Clever Flower Pot Lets You Plant a Pokémon Among Your Home Décor

Posted by Tim Latshaw

B-b-b-bulba! The pottery that evolves!

Collections vary among fans according to taste, but for some nothing is better than displaying a nice "covert" piece. This is the type of item that unknowing folk can appreciate on their own merits, but other fans will instantly recognize and blather over its coolness.

These "Succulent Monster" ceramic pots easily fit that bill, possessing a clean, creative, minimalist flair that will catch the eye of Pokémuggles while making everyone else scream, "BULB-A-SAURRRR!" as soon as they see it. The model comes in a variety of colours so you can try to convince people you have a shiny.

Are there any other Pokémon-themed housewares and decorations you'd like to see? Let us know your ideas!


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Undead_terror said:

Haha it would make a good chia pet, but if only the eyes came out, then we could have fun painting it so it looks like the real thing.



Radbot42 said:

Thats pretty cool, but there are a lot of other plant pokemon this could work for too. What about Oddish for instance?



2Sang said:

Hmmm... I was wanting to plant vegetables over the winter inside, but $50 is a LOT of money for 1.



ToastyYogurt said:

Holy crap. If it wasn't such an expense I would actually want that. And I'm not much of a plant or pottery person. But I love neat things.



The_Ninja said:

It's around 41 euros for me, but no thanks. Make it 20, and I might buy 2.
Now they need to make a small Squirtle fountain, and a flamethrower shaped like a Charmander.



lamco said:

It's so cute! I would get one if i had a place to put it and if the price was lower.

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