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Play & Win: UK Mario Kart 8 Tournament - Live!

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

eShop funds up for grabs

Earlier this week we told you about a special Mario Kart 8 tournament we're running for UK racers. The day is here, in which participants have six hours to complete 12 races in a battle for some lovely eShop funds.

Details are below, so good luck!


Nintendo Life is holding a one-off regional Mario Kart 8 Online Tournament for UK readers. The top three qualifying players will receive a prize in the form of eShop credit kindly provided by the Official Nintendo UK Online Store.

  • 1st Place: £60 eShop credit
  • 2nd Place: £40 eShop credit
  • 3rd Place: £20 eShop credit


The Tournament takes place today, Saturday, 26th July 2014 between 4pm-10pm (UK). You can join the tournament at any time between 4pm and 10pm to complete your 12 races.

We'll also be hosting a live stream on our Twitch channel for the final two hours between 8pm-10pm, which will also be posted in a separate article.

How to Enter:

Within the Mario Kart 8 Online menu select ‘Tournaments’ and ‘Enter Code’: 7817-5066-1571 — it's called Nintendo Life UK GP.

Once the tournament has been registered with your console you will be able to start racing once the tournament beings on Saturday 26th July at 4pm. You can join the tournament at any time before the closing time of 10pm.


The tournament will have the following rules.

  • Code-only
  • 150cc
  • All items
  • All control methods
  • Hard CPU
  • 12 races
  • Group swapping every four races

If you're sharing a Wii U and want multiple players to compete and be eligible, you'll need to take turns — in single player online — in each Nintendo Network ID login. In other words, once a player has completed the tournament in their Wii U account you'll need to quit the game, switch to the second Nintendo Network ID and go through the Tournament again. Playing in two player-splitscreen online will only allow the main player — the Nintendo Network ID holder — to be eligible for the prizes.

You must compete using a UK Wii U and therefore have a ‘GB’ flag after your name in the final rankings to claim a prize. The top three racers who qualify for a prize should contact us via email ( and include a photo of their GamePad/TV with their NNID in clear view. Members of the Nintendo Life team are not eligible for prizes. All decisions by Nintendo Life are final. If you have any further questions please contact us.

Have fun!

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User Comments (47)



Sandstorm64 said:

Do we take the picture at the end of the tournament, or when we have finished our 12 races?



Portal_King said:

I've done 3 races so far. Two of which I had a 'communication error' (which has never happened before). I now find myself with only 15 points. I won all 3. What's happened here?



EverythingAmiibo said:

Dang, this tournament sucks, there are people getting free +15s just racing CPUs... Nice try, but this isn't going to work



MJKOP said:

I'll be trying my luck this evening sometime, for the craic more than anything! Good luck!



FrozenLink said:

So um basically those with communication errors are screwed? I got an 8th, 4th, two 3rds, six 2nds and one 1st and never got to finish my 9th race (which I was first in), while it wouldn't have put me at the top it still stinks of cheating and just bad sportsmanship.



Grumblevolcano said:

Got a communication error before my 1st race even started and it was counted as complete with 0 points gained. All the other 11 races I got either 1st, 2nd or 3rd with a total of 133, I'm not going to last long in the top 20 but currently that's 7th.



Sandstorm64 said:

I don't like the fact that people are dropping out. Kinda puts me off entering future tournaments if people aren't playing fair.



SBandy said:

That was my first tournament and was great craic! I got 97 points and happy with that, that last lap in Bowsers Castle where I went from first to eigth in the blink of an eye after being hit by EVERYTHING near brought a tear to the eye though!



AndreasAchilleo said:

I've seen so many people back out and not only that I've been spectating lobbies where there has literally been 2 people in the race, just doesn't seem fair at all 😑



Bulbousaur said:

165 after my set of 12. Currently tied for first, with Marioracer and Stacy1199, but I don't think that's going to be good enough to keep first with all the others that still have to play. Good luck to everyone else!



joeyman said:

Just completed my first 4 racess. Only dropped 3 points so far, although I weren't against the best opponents. Gonna finish my races later.



eltomo said:

Well, I came and got destroyed... I have the worst luck, amount of times going from first to last on the last section of the final lap...



PinkSpider said:

@eltomo I feel your pain got screwed over on finish line to many times, I nearly just gave up but I finished and got 115 points



RainbowGazelle said:

Total crap. My first race had a very skilled French guy in it who finished higher, and I got 3 communication errors! So that's 3 races that counted towards my total with no points gained. Completely unfair!



PinkSpider said:

@Jazzer94 I have noticed a few things where some first place seem to be able to dodge any weapon when they have no item to protect them, also some 1st places half the track ahead, probably fire hopping



Jenraux said:

Lots of lag for me, although didn't affect my racing much.

And yeah, MK tournies are never fair, I got 1 1st place in my first 10 races, but last 2 races I won both because I was against 9 CPU's and 2 players.

Also, you guys do realize the top 10 places are gonna be at 180 points, how you gonna distribute prizes?



Jazzer94 said:

So I ended up with 171 points (9 1st 3 2nd) playing legit but I know this won't be enough with all the lobby jumping cheaters I saw expect the whole board to be filled with 174,175 and 180 scores shame the community has ruined what could have been a fun tournament GGs to all those who played fair.



lbs said:

Best way too stop this lobby jumping is to turn off cpu racers.... Less racers, less points for a win....



Portal_King said:

I noticed those who are currently at the top of the leaderboard definitely cheated. Weuz or something was one. Marioracer was another, saw him in several CPU lobbies before leaving once he won.



heyzeus002 said:

156 with 11 races.1 didnt count due to comm error.seems messed up that the error takes a race away and needs to be sorted for tournament play tbh.anyhoo, good luck to all



xVAKAR1ANx said:

Ibs I agree, it's bs. 4 times it happened, I would have been in top 3 if I had those 60 points



Portal_King said:

I played fair, many communication errors so I got 0 for almost half my races. Got 110 points though. Can't see myself entering another tournament.



markybbop said:

I dont think I will enter again, its a waste of time with the communication errors



heyzeus002 said:

There I was thinking people kept leaving because there weren't enough people in the lobby, how naive of me.i just assumed it was a quiet time and kept going as I wont het a chance to play now till after the expiry time so thought might as well do it in 1 go.these types of tournaments just dont work tbh with all the cpu/human issues and those comm errors messing things up



Tender_Cutlet said:

Would love to join but my internet connection is sooo poor I get communication errors every third race on a good day! There's no way I'll make 12 races in row without being screwed - thanks Talk Talk! Gonna upgrade to Fibre Optics when I'm more financially sound. Good luck to you guys taking part.

I'm up to 2500 career points now but imagine I lose about 10-12 points every third race when I get disconnected I've probably squandered twice that since launch. I have to finish top three each race just to break even on a session...It's like trying to climb the proverbial greasy pole. Still it makes the climb to the coveted 9999 more drawn out...I assume that is the top score achievable still?



EverythingAmiibo said:

I had to go out with my family and I didn't get enough time to do all 12 races. It was a bit of a fail anyway, but hey, if they change it for the better next time, I'm all in again.



Yoshi3DS said:

@Jazzer94 It really is a shame to everyone playing fair. I feel bad for the NintendoLife staff since they expected a nice and fair tournament.



MJKOP said:

Finished with 110 points, good fun but such a shame to lose all potential points because of 'communication error'



Wonky_Kong said:

Just got 8th in a race... How embarrassing

Anyway I have had no problems, hey stephanie! You can win this one!!!

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