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Nintendo of Europe Distributing Tomodachi Life: Welcome Version Through Its Newsletter

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

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Tomodachi Life, to date, seems to be enjoying reasonable sales success on the 3DS. US sales will become clear soon in the upcoming NPD results, but the title has shown solid momentum in markets such as the UK, where it's maintained its performance and gradually moved up the charts.

This has no doubt been helped by various marketing efforts. In North America there were initially 'Move-In' codes distributed to Club Nintendo Platinum members, while early July brought a demo to the region's eShop. Elsewhere, we've seen a buy one get one half price deal at GAME in the UK, and in broader terms Nintendo of Europe introduced a "Welcome Version" — essentially the same as the "move-in" iteration in North America. In a clever touch two codes for this Welcome download are provided with every retail copy in Europe — whether downloaded from the eShop or a physical cart — that can be passed on to friends and family.

Nintendo of Europe is now distributing individual codes for that Welcome version to those signed up to its newsletter, with some of the Nintendo Life team finding the gift in their inboxes. Oddly, distribution seems a tad scattergun, as both staffers already own the game, while another with the title hasn't received the email. The message says we've "been selected", possibly by a blind-folded individual pointing at a list of names; that's perhaps unfair and there may be logic to the distribution, especially as neither of those now blessed with extra codes have fully registered the game — yet — on Club Nintendo.

In any case, if you're in Europe and receive regular newsletters from Nintendo you may want to check your email inbox. This is the version that comes with a rare panda suit, no less, and allows save data to be transferred to the full game. As yet there's still no standard demo available on the 3DS eShop in Europe.

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jpelgrom said:

I actually got this mail about one month ago from NoE... It also states I've been selected, but I don't own the game, so what the selection criteria are...?

For those interested, here's the code:



WiiLovePeace said:

I like this method of distributing demos. Means I don't have to have my 3DS tied to a NNID to download the demo.



OneBagTravel said:

THey're really hammering away at this game to get us hooked. Sorry I'll pass nintendo. let's hear about another Link between worlds sequel instead.



123akis said:

I think Nintendo automatically selected people who registered a certain amount of games on Club Nintendo within a specific amount of time or on average but the system didn't look if people already got the game



tom_q said:

It seems I got a code a couple of hours ago but I do not know if I want to bother trying it out.



GloverMist said:

Yeah, I got a code just now! Strange, because I've already registered the game on Club Nintendo and I've filled in all the surveys about it!



edhe said:

Good, because I never got mine when I bought the eShop version from GAME.



smikey said:

It's the only main stream Nintendo game I haven't bought this year & I also received a code via email from noe over a month ago & gave it away on this site.
I thought perhaps it's because I register so many games (it said i'd been specially selected) but maybe now there just throwing them out there to keep momentum going.



FritzFrapp said:

For crying out loud... I've only got getting on for 400 products registered on Club Nintendo going back to the Cube's launch day, have been a fan and owned countless Nintendo products since my first in 1980, have been a demonstrator for the company, and am a shareholder to boot. So can I get a demo code for this game that I'd love to own but can't now I've hit financial hard times? Can I ....!



RIC616 said:

I too got the code a month ago but haven't played it yet, although my son's been loving it.



JeffreyG said:

@WiiLovePeace Why would you not link your NNID? You don't lose anything by doing so.

Anyway, I also received mine about a month ago, in fact, the demo was the reason I decided to buy the game.



MajinSoul said:

no intention of playing the game and recieved the e-mail a while ago. so here is the code if anyone wants it:




SilentHunter382 said:

I wasn't interested in the game but since they gave me a free code for the welcome version I can atleast give it a try. If I do like it "Curse you Nintendo for taking my money".



Swankenstein said:

I'm in Australia so mine won't work here:


Also, I haven't registered a game to my UK Nintendo account since pokemon stadium 2 on N64 came out. If you registered every Nintendo game ever and you feel like you deserve a code, don't feel bad. It's not a reward, it's an incentive!



WiiLovePeace said:

@JeffreyG Because once you link a NNID to a 3DS, you can't switch countries. We don't get all the games here on the Australian eShop that they do on the UK eShop, due to us being considered a "small market" & the price of rating the game to high, especially by indies. So unless there's an amazingly good deal for linking my 3DS to a NNID one day, I'll never do it. Even for crossbuy. Who knows what games I'll miss out on in the future if I lock my 3DS to Australia?



GamerZack87 said:

I received the newsletter, but my code isn't working at all. I contacted Nintendo about it and they're looking into it, but I don't like my chances...



Starwolf_UK said:

I got the code on 26th June so rollout of these must be slow and in batches or something. I guess they want to extend the legs of the game so they don't want everyone to recieve it at once.

@WiiLovePeace I too was happy to see this. Speaking of NNID links, that Super Mario Bros DX promotion a while back. An Australian made and linked a UK NNID to their 3DS. For some reason the Super Mario Bros DX code they got given was an Australian one (remember how Australia have different download codes to Europe for some reason) which being stuck on the UK eShop they could not actually use.



WiiLovePeace said:

@Starwolf_UK Wow that sucks for them. I hope they sold the code to someone, even if the game is only $6.50 or so on the eShop. Maybe they had previously registered their 3DS to Club Nintendo Australia.

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