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Nintendo Announces Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Tournament at San Diego Comic-Con

Posted by Thomas Whitehead


While Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is hogging a lot of attention, there's the not-insignificant factor of the 3DS version arriving first — it graces North America and Europe on 3rd October.

While Nintendo UK will have the portable brawler playable at HYPER JAPAN later this month, Nintendo of America is going so far as to run a special tournament during San Diego Comic-Con on 25th July. This will even be broadcast on Nintendo's official Twitch channel — details from the press release are below:

Fans are invited to come to the Nintendo Gaming Lounge at the Marriott Marquis & Marina located at 333 W. Harbor Drive (adjacent to the San Diego Convention Center) for a chance to participate.

Starting at noon, there will be a preliminary round in which groups of four competitors battle it out, with the winner advancing. During the finals, players will duke it out one-on-one to determine the top smasher. Tournament slots are limited, and fans will be able to sign up the day of the event on a first-come, first-served basis.

For fans not able to attend San Diego Comic-Con, tournament action will be streamed live on Nintendo’s Twitch channel at Additional Nintendo Gaming Lounge activities will be announced in the future.

Will you be trying to go along and compete, or like us watching the action unfold online? Let us know in the comments below, while you can also check out our first impressions of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.

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ikki5 said:

"While Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is hogging a lot of attention"

lol... no it isn't. At least not from Nintendo. 3DS gets more attention than the Wii U.



ThomasBW84 said:

@ikki5 Let's just agree to disagree, while also objectively looking at the coverage each title had from Nintendo during E3. Including that whole Invitational malarkey.



BertoFlyingFox said:

I'll be watching some of the tournament online most likely. If there's a tournament for NYCC, I may try and join for the hell of it (maybe get some random nintendo knicknacks).



NiceGuyRy said:

Yeah man all these Smash bros events are fantastic for getting exposure and keeping the general hype. I think we'll have a ton more smash fans when this comes out, and the competitive seen will have so much more potential.

I will most likely be driving down to San Diego from LA, and goin hard for 1st place in this tourny XD



WiiLovePeace said:

Cool! I'll be vicariously participating & winning via the twitch stream. Thanks Nintendo!



The_Ninja said:

Will be watching the stream! Are you guys gonna put another chat box here for this? Hate Twitch's chat, too many trolls.



Mayhem said:

I'm going to SDCC, and staying in the Marriott. I may just have to see if I can sign up for this...



HumaneBlaze said:

This is pretty cool how they are seriously trying to get this in the hands of the public. It would be great if we had a tournament like this at nycc but I wonder if we would be lucky and they would do it on the wiiu version since the 3ds version will be out by then



BSFsontails1012 said:

@Jazzer94 Okay a see same conventions now in VA thanks, but I can't go all the way to San Diego just to play ssb4 3ds, even though I would love to, but as I said only 14 and don't have that kind of money.



BSFsontails1012 said:

@Jazzer94 BTW what I was trying to say at the start was that 1. Europe is lucky, but I didn't mean it in a "Europe gets everything" kind of tone not that we don't get stuff in US too. 2. Mainly, that I wish the demos for ssb4 came to the eshop so those who can't afford to go to those kind of things can still enjoy it without crazy long Lines or etc.



Jazzer94 said:

@BSFsontails1012 Well yeah you can't go travelling huge distances just to play a demo but my original point was Nintendo will be having the game playable at conventions/events all over the world so just keep up to date and one closer to where ever you are in the US may have one.

London (England) and Paris (France) (Only two countries that have had the game so far) are not the whole of Europe though plenty of countries will not an event where people can play the game before its release.



DarkKirby said:

More character reveals please Nintendo.

Preferable character reveals that aren't males, and from Awakening.



2Sang said:

Less than 100 days now...can someone freeze me like eric cartman was frozen for the wii?



AlexSora89 said:

This makes up for the Invitational being Wii U-only. Way more interested in this one.



ikki5 said:

@Yomerodes Tell me something the Wii U version has that the 3DS version doesn't have aside from stages. It's not the loyalist fans that is it, it's the fact that as of right now, the 3DS version is the version that has more than the Wii U version as it has everything the Wii U version has plus extras.

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