This payment option is also available via the German PayPal site; thanks to those that highlighted this in the comments section.

Original article:

Digital downloads just got more convenient for UK gamers now that PayPal has been added as a payment option for the Nintendo eShop. PayPal accounts can now be used to purchase or send as gifts eShop Fund codes in the usual amounts of £15, £25, and £50.

The eShop Fund codes purchased through the UK PayPal site are restricted to European game systems, and you'll still end up buying far more credit than needed to close that mocking £.10 gap in your balance separating you from that hot new release, but at least now you won't have to run off to the shops to do so.


Has your birthday/anniversary etc. shopping been revolutionized, or are you still hard copy only? Did you just get back from the shops? Do comment!

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