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Feature: Our Weirdest And Most Wonderful Tomodachi Life Moments So Far

Posted by Nintendo Life Staff

This isn't your typical life sim

Tomodachi Life has been entertaining 3DS owners for a while now, and if you're anything like us here at Nintendo Life then you'll already have accrued plenty of laugh-out-loud moments during your time with this unique life sim. While Nintendo's game shares some similarities with other examples of the genre, one of its chief selling points is its humour and capacity to throw out some truly befuddling situations. With that in mind, here are some wacky recollections from some of the Nintendo Life team.

Liam Doolan

Imagine living on a small island with Harry Potter, Samus Aran, Swedish professional soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimović, and James Bond 007 – because that’s exactly what my Tomodachi Life is like right now.

In saying all that, my best moment with Tomodachi Life thus far easily comes in the form of my weirdest moment. And that award would probably have to go to the time Zlatan demanded I buy him new clothing, so I dressed him in a horse head, fed him a cannoli, brushed a beetle off his forehead, and he awarded me with a roll of toilet paper in return. As you do.

And all this happened at about 2AM in the morning one Saturday night, after he’d been out walking on the beach for a few hours contemplating the meaning of life. I’m starting think his break-up with Joanna Dark didn’t go so well. And here I was thinking a football superstar’s lifestyle outside of his regular match-day was easy!

Martin Watts

A lot has happened on Sibson Island since I became its owner, and it's now a place that's filled with a wealth of interesting characters — including a good chunk of the Nintendo Life team! My outstanding moment is more of an outstanding character, namely our very own Mr Rory Cocker. Before even wiping his feet when arriving on to the island, this cheeky chap fancied himself as a bit of a Cupid and went about matchmaking a good number of islanders from afar.

Then — as if fate were cruelly taunting me — his true plans were revealed, as he asked out my sister's Mii and — much to my stunned bewilderment — she said yes. Dating soon turned to marriage which in turn led to a having a child. Despite little Aaron Cocker thankfully receiving the good looks of his mother, it's fair to say that he's very much his father's son, as the image above undoubtedly shows.

Morgan Sleeper

I have to admit, when I first moved my Miis onto Llanoli Island in Tomodachi life, I tried my best to play it straight. I gave my look-alike, friends, and family clothes we’d really wear, taught them catchphrases I’ve heard them say, and gave gifts according to real-life hobbies: little Morgan got a skateboard, my fiancée got a book, Reggie got a 3DS, and so on.

I tried to match real-life couples together in the game, and luckily my look-alike managed to impress my fiancée’s Mii enough that she asked me to be her sweetheart — no small feat considering Reggie lives next door! But Tomodachi Life isn’t real life, and it became so much better — and exponentially funnier — after I realized that, thanks to my sister’s Mii asking for a funky new hat. This request came in early days for Llanoli Island’s haberdashery, and the only “funky” hat I could find was a rather fetching fish head.

Even with all the surreal dialogue, dreamscapes, and events, nothing’s made me smile so much as seeing my little sister wearing an enormous salmon on her head, and that little wardrobe change has since led to all Llanoli Island’s residents abandoning their traditional threads for panda suits, superhero onesies, and salsa dresses. That’s the power of Tomodachi!

Dave Letcavage

In the month that I've owned Tomodachi Life I've witnessed unbelievable sights. My town, RadiCola, has been inundated with friends, celebrities and cartoon characters, all coexisting in the same space and getting into situations that their real-life counterparts likely wouldn't. This irony is what makes the game so humorous and entertaining, and since I have no shortage of stories to tell, let me share a few that I've been quite amused by.

For starters, not only is Kurt Cobain alive and well in RadiCola, but he’s been actively pursuing Daria Morgendorffer, who is less than enthused about the advances. When Cobain ends up in need of a little cheering up following the rejection, I tend to leave him be and hope he channels that emotion to write a couple great songs — unfortunately, he never does. Reggie Fils-Aime moved into the apartment complex a couple weeks back and despite numerous attempts, he refuses to repeat certain things he said at the tail end of the E3 Smash Invitational. Maybe he’s worried that Miyamoto — who lives next door — will hear him? One of the oddest and most comical occurrences however, was Seth Rogen’s utter displeasure when gifted an interior that was loaded with plants. I mean, c’mon! Does that sound anything like the guy who wrote Pineapple Express? I think not.

Of course there's been much more ridiculousness that has unfolded, but those are the freshest examples that came to mind. It’s because of silly little situations like this that Tomodachi Life is so darn irresistible.

Damien McFerran

It's almost impossible to think of the funniest or "best" moment from Tomodachi Life, purely because so many amazing things have happened since I started playing that I makes my head hurt just trying to recall them. Every moment spent with the game seems to throw up something entirely new, and I've lost count of the number of times I've chuckled to myself at the on-screen hilarity, only to be quizzed by people nearby regarding the source of my mirth.

And that's when things get tricky, because it's incredibly hard to explain the appeal of Tomodachi Life to someone who hasn't played it. Having said that, when I show them a song I've written featuring Nintendo's top brass in full-on boy band mode, or let them view a conversation between two of my Miis which involves one telling the other a mind-blowing fact, only for them to reveal it was actually a fib (after a comically long pause), then the game's brilliance is communicated pretty effectively. It's just amusing and funny in a way which few titles are, and it's one of the few games I can see myself returning to on a regular basis for the rest of the year.

What have been your personal favourite moments in Tomodachi Life so far? Be sure to let us know by posting a comment below.

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Shambo said:

Forget your weekly soaps on TV, here's Tomidachi!
Shambo didn't want to marry Catwoman but did eventually marry Harley Quinn. Link won from Ganondorf in a love triangle with Tetra (no kidding), and Majora's Mask's Moon tried to come in between even at some point. Not just some point, but the third day he lived on the island.
Frankenstein's creature fell in love with everyone, but after almost forcing him to get to notice his very 'Bride', they became happily married. Oh and something's growing between Jessica Rabbit and Phillip (one of the Canadians from South Park).
Resident Evil's Hunk is always at home training, and Ada Wong is a bit of a loner too.
And there's still more going on...



Zach777 said:

I am of the firm opinion that this game should really have only cost me 10.00 max on the eShop. It is completely repetitive. "Feed me", "give me a hat", "should I be friends with -----", "can I take a picture?, etc. It is fun but awful at the same time.



Prof_Clayton said:

The game does a lot, but still needed more things to do... ad I partially agree with @Zach777, though I feel $30 and a little more content would have been best.
As far as craziness goes in my town, well, let's just say Rosalina has had a lot of takers. At least half of my male population, to be exact. ._. But hey, she was won out by Reggie in the end, so it worked out well.
I/My Mii has 3 100% friendship ratings as well... with Professor Layton, Phoenix Wright and Luigi. That was amazing!
I gave Professor Oak a steampunk room the other day, and some nice beats-esque headphones. I actually found his favorite food on the first try!
Speaking of food, I spent over $300 on meatballs, and gave them out to every person on the island. Let's just say that a certain bald bearded NL team member turns to stone when he eats them.
On top of all this, I made a Ballad (I think) with Peach singing for Mario's love... then he appears from behind stage and hops over her bench to join her. Its pretty amusing. :3
Those are some of my best moments so far, and I hope to have many more before I grow bored!



ShadJV said:

Best moment? Well hard to say, but one stands out as the first time I showed the game to my friend. It happened to be my Mii's dream, as a little fairy of Nikki (from Swapnote) hovered over my shoulder, warning "A ravenous lemonade is attacking the island!" My Mii, holding a potato over his head, shouted, "By the power of buttered potato!" An awesome superhero suit appeared on him and he continued, "JV Bolt go!" He then gave a cautionary, "Remeber, kids, never brush your teeth with shrimp paste unless you really like shrimp paste!" Considering this was my friend's first exposure to the game, it was fairly unforgettable between us. Then there was the time someone brought me cheesecake in real life and just as they entered the door, one of the Miis was dreaming of a bunch of the islanders circling a giant piece of cheesecake, chanting, "All hail the cheesecake!" Lastly, shortly after I started the game, my Mii wanted to ask out my sister's Mii... I just... No no no, bad Tomodachi!!!



boo01 said:

Excuse me. Could we get an update on the tomodachi life competition please?



Gerbwmu said:

@MeloMan - ahhhhh the Olde English D!

This game seems crazy amusing but I just don't pick up the 3DS enough to spend the cash on it. Pretty much vacations are the only time the 3ds sees any action. If it was on the U and I could randomly go into it between other games or while sons are watching TV then I think I'd have bought it already.



FritzFrapp said:

Best moment - entering Tomodachi Life competitions, then counting the virtual tumbleweeds that drift by.



Bassman_Q said:

I have a question regarding this game: For all the celebrities and game characters that appear in the game, did you have to design them yourself via Mii Maker, or do they just randomly join your game? I've been considering getting the game, but if you have to design every single celeb character, I feel it would become a pain.



cfgk24 said:

Well, my spotpass FIlsamech mii is really acting like a robot in my game which is really scary!



Windy said:

@Zach777 I totally agree with you Zack. Way overrated, way over hyped and Boring within 2 days. I gave my copy to a friend yesterday and told him if he liked it to keep it. Definitely a let down for me. Man I can't wait for Fantasy Life a real game. I found that even though you supposedly determine the way a character conducts themselves in the game they all do the exact same thing.



ManateeBlubber said:

Still need this and Triple Deluxe. Picking them up soon! Chuck Norris is going to be my neighbor soon enough...



ShadJV said:

@Bassman_Q there's three real options. QR codes are the easiest, Nintendo has a handful on their sites and I've found plenty of people posting them all over forums and such, Google makes it easy. Second, if you already have a celebrity inspired Mii, you can import them from your MiiMaker. The third option is yes, make them in game. Honestly, I've found no shortage of QR codes online though.



Windy said:

@FalconPunch I have Chuck Norris and he is really Hilarious in Tomadachi Life. In fact best Character in the game. He gave me the most chuckles.



ManateeBlubber said:

@Windy Exactly what I expected. What would the offspring of Samus and Chuck Norris look like... somebody get on this! I want to know!



Pokefanmum82 said:

I've only had it a few days. I love tis game. I have my kids and two made up characters in it so far.



Windy said:

@FalconPunch if my buddy doesn't like the game and gives it back I will try to let you know. I've just gotten to the point that doing the exact same thing over and over each time you visit an apartment just doesn't thrill me. But I will look into it if I get the game back. I will post Pictures to MiiVerse. I also have Wednesday Adams and have been amused by her antics as well.



Picola said:

Best moment - when two miis who were in love broke up - one if them was heartbroken and kept remembering all their good times - which were played out on the screen to some heartache music. Unexpectedly moving!



Dodger said:

Pretty weird stuff, man. My best friend has asked Princess Peach out 5 times, but has been rejected because she is already going out with reformation theologian, Martin Luther. Hermione Granger got my parents to start dating, before going out with Groose from Skyward Sword, but I don't think she likes him much. Link is my lookalike's brother in law now. Waluigi got married to the Black Widow and they had a kid, named Walusha, a combination of Waluigi and Natasha. She inherited all of her father's good looks. Tony Stark got arrested for mixing hot mustard in with random dishes. The Doctor and comedian Jim Gaffigan are best buddies.

What a great game. So different for everyone.



Jepze said:

What i have read comments now, it sounds pretty good game. I think i should buy this game and 3ds



Dpishere said:

I got the game last Thursday and while I don't regret my purchase I don't think it is as addictive as New Leaf was, and this game most certainly isn't for everyone, especially if you like to feel like you are in control of your characters. Despite that though, I am still having a good time with it.

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