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Video: This Tomodachi Life TV Spot Will Surely Make Ryan And Andy Global Stars

Posted by Damien McFerran

It's all about Andy

Nintendo of America is making sure every 3DS owner knows that life-sim Tomodachi Life is coming soon with a series of TV spots aimed at a pretty wide audience.

The adoreable Lilly and Hannah starred in the first commercial, but this time around we've got a genuine star in the making in the form of Andy. Sure, his co-star Ryan gives a pretty good performance, but just check out Andy's assured stage presence and canny observations — this guy is a fully-formed legend, and we can only hope that Nintendo uses him for future promotional work.

Check out the commercial below and let us know if Andy's easy-going charms have convinced you to make a purchase when the game launches in June.

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AlexOlney said:

'A genuine star'.

Either this lad's fame doesn't stretch to over the pond or I'm just cultutrally out of touch as usual.



RainbowGazelle said:

On another note, has anyone else seen Nintendo UK's advertising for Tomodachi Life on Youtube? They're actually using clips from the direct, so the ad still stars Iwata etc. It's just so much better.



Kyloctopus said:

Still wondering if they're struggling to find celebrity endorsers after the homosexuality controversy.



SeVok said:

@Kyloctopus Controversy sells. The game has reached audiences it would have never reached. I personally see it as an oversight rather then some scandal followed by people not willing to be associated with the game or Nintendo.



SeVok said:

This is by the way the reason why your beloved game only released in Japan takes so long to get over here or maybe never: cultural divide. A perfectly normal thing in Japan causes a ****storm elsewhere. Or the other way around of course.



DinoFett said:

I'm sure endorsers will start once Tomodachi Life has caught on beyond the Nintendo fans and into the mainstream .



Daemonite said:

is this that anti-homosexual game? If it is, i hope they bury this game right next to those ET cartridges... and never dig it back up again!



Interneto said:

I was REALLY excited about this game but now the more gameplay I see the less I want...



mullen said:

These commercials are bad because they give 2 wrong hints: 1. the game is only for young children, and 2. you should only put your real life friend in the game. Those are totally wrong, and limits both the potential players and the potential play ways.
I still remember that Japanese Nintendo Direct told a interesting love story by this game. Also their other TV commercials for this game are humorous. However, probably, that's the culture difference.



ikki5 said:

why is it that every video that is release... you see the face flying off the person going into outer space..... How much content is in this game... It kind of concerns me when you see almost the same thing in every commercial. I feel like maybe I should cancel my pre-order...



Kirk said:

Eh, that was crap.

There's nothing particularly pop culture, social media, meme generating about it, so I don't see why it would make any kind of impact beyond that of your average patronizing casual ad.

Why would it make them stars?

Did I miss something here...

Edit: Oh, right. Seems I did. You were being ironic.

PS. THIS kind of total and utter cheesy, generic, patronizing, forced, waste of time and money crap (I'm talking about the ad here) is just ONE of the many reasons why Nintendo is failing hard in this current-generation.



SphericalCrusher said:

I'll try the demo if it comes to me, but I don't think this is my kind of game. Huge fan of Animal Crossing, but this... this is different. X_X



SeVok said:

@Daemonite What makes this an "anti-homosexual" game? So every game which does not include the option to play in a wheelchair is automatically considered an person-with-disability game? I get it that the developers should have included this, but I also get it comes from an oversight and cultural differences being an original Japanese production. That's FAR away from being anti-anything.



Sherman said:

This might sound weird, but this adds are making me see I'm wrong wanting this.



PinkSpider said:

Am I missing something with this article, is it meant to be sarcasm or serious. The kids are your typical kid Advert actors nothing special at all
It's awful, nintendo to re do there adverts for certain games they make them look dreadful. Look at animal crossing, awful advert awesome game. But try to convince people to buy it with these adverts will just put people off.



Arcamenel said:

Would it kill Nintendo to use adults in their ads and not as parents? Like they have to know there is a substantial amount of people ages 20+ who play their games. :/



luke88 said:

@Daemonite Anti-homosexuality game? I wish they could have same sex relationships myself, if only to have Iwata and Shibata together, but that phrase might be a tad strong; don't you think? Perhaps not though, I'm not sure.



HylianJowi said:

@Damo I didn't even need to look at the byline to know you had written this one. I frigging hate Ninty of America's ads.



Damo said:

@HylianJowi How can you hate on Andy? He's so awesome! Check out the smug look of self-satisfaction when Ryan introduces him. It's terrific!



HylianJowi said:

@Damo Yo, Andy, I'm really happy for you, I'mma let you finish, but Ryan had one of the best introductions of all time!



faint said:

@NintendoMark I know what's ok to say. Yes bi sexual. I said it that way to be politically incorrect on purpose. I have followed the controversy and it's ridiculous. If only people put this kind of power into changing something meaningful with impact. To be honest if ninty allowed same sex relationships in this fantasy game the religious right would come down so hard on them. You think they have a hard time selling now? If you want ninty to be able to include everyone you have to change the world first. Heck that pacman clone ninty made in the 80's with the devil still hasn't been released in North America due to the religious right and their concept of values. This is a very sore subject for me and I don't want my favorite game makers to go bankrupt over religious hypocrisy. If you want this to change start voting or protesting.

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