Wow! So cool!

Tomodachi Life isn't far from release now, and Nintendo clearly has high hopes for the game's commercial fortunes. However, it could be argued that the company hasn't had such a tricky title to market for quite some time; Tomodachi Life isn't really a game as such, and is clearly going to require some savvy promotion to really hammer home its charms.

Enter Lilly and Hannah, two adorable American youngsters who just can't get enough of Nintendo's quirky life sim. It's pretty clear that Nintendo sees this title as one with very broad appeal — just like Animal Crossing: New Leaf, in fact — so the sickly-sweet nature of this commercial probably shouldn't come as a shock.

We just hope they follow up with Clyde and Franklin, two burly, chain-smoking 40-something truckers from Texas who also can't get enough of Tomodachi Life's Mii editor and its hilarious minigames.