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Spiffy Mario Kart 8 T-Shirts Arriving 29th May on Club Nintendo Japan

Posted by Jowi Meli

Get ready to be jealous

A special edition Mario Kart 8 T-shirt will be making its way to Club Nintendo Japan alongside the game on 29th May. The shirts will cost 600 points and, as you can see, feature nifty silhouettes of twelve playable characters on the front and a small tire graphic on the back. They come in both medium and large sizes and are the perfect way to celebrate the release of the newest entry in Nintendo's lucrative franchise.

Sadly, there's no word yet on whether North American or European Club Nintendo will be blessed with this masterpiece, but regular old clothing should do the trick just fine when players in the West get their shot at the latest Kart on 30th May.

Would you snatch this shirt if it was offered as a reward on Club Nintendo? What do you think of the design? Let us know in the comments!


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0utburst said:

I don't like the color, if its a bit darker then maybe I'd get one.. If it's green, then I'll gladly get one for my son.



Nik-Davies said:

Getting the Bullet Bill shirt with my order of Mario Kart 8. So I would probably get this.



Sandro89 said:

I would totally buy that. I think the European club nintendo hasnt got anything interesting for me. We need more things like that.



Iggly said:

Japan Club Nintendo always seem to get the better rewards don't they?



River3636 said:

Give me that shirt. Might be a little tight but I would wear it. I will cross my fingers.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

I'd get it, but only as a collectible (keeping it in the package all the time). I hate wearing t-shirts.
Why can't they offer shirts instead (y'know, the buttoned ones)? Cool logo on the breast pocket, motive on the back - would look slick as hell!



sleepinglion said:

If it comes to America I'd pick it up for sure. It's classier than the same three Ts department stores seem to sell.



Bigearl35 said:

I would love to have this but seeing that I live in England we don't get clothing normally on the club nintendo store. Looks like I'll have to import it!



FritzFrapp said:

I don't like to look at the Japanese site too often. It cuts to the quick to see Excitebots translated into Japanese solely to be distributed through their Club Nintendo, whilst we never got the game at all in Europe. Ruddy region-locking!!!



kukabuksilaks said:

Hope this comes to the Scandinavian Club Nintendo... Oh that's right, we don't have a Club Nintendo..! Silly me..



sketchturner said:

Would prefer it in another color than grey, but regardless, I would snatch this up in a heartbeat. Maybe this could be the Platinum US award this year? Hey, I can dream...



AshFoxX said:

Figures. A shirt from Club Nintendo I actually want, and it's only in NoJ...



Genesaur said:

Meh. And what's with these grid designs? Same flat layout on the Super Mario Club Nintendo shirt that just has everyone's name listed.

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