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Mario Golf: World Tour Swings Into 18th Place in UK Single Format Chart

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Misses top 20 in all format equivalent

We're big fans of Mario Golf: World Tour here at Nintendo Life. Beautifully constructed, well balanced and full of offline and online content, it delivers a top-notch experience on the 3DS. Unfortunately it's only had a modest start in the UK charts following its release on 2nd May, actually coming in lower on its début than some other releases on the handheld so far in 2014.

In the single-format stakes World Tour comes in 18th place — insert your own 18th hole pun here — and is the only game on a Nintendo system in that top 40. The all-format chart brings more disappointing news, as a series of multi-platform titles — old and new — push the new golf title down to 22nd place. Overall, in that sense, it's been an underwhelming launch, with this one struggling to make a notable impact in its first weekend.

We praised this to the hills in our Mario Golf: World Tour review, so hopefully this will gain some momentum in the coming weeks and months.

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Jazzer94 said:

Waiting till its £20 or maybe £15 got to many games to play and the added cost of doc put me off getting this straight away also MK8 is out soon.



rjejr said:

I'm really curious to see the US numbers since Nintendo decided to release this the same day as Kirby. Should keep both low in the rankings.

Guess we'll see in a few weeks which sells better in the UK.

My guess is Kirby wins both.



unrandomsam said:

@rjejr I suspect the price of Kirby will go down fairly steadily. (The Wii version costs lots new so they will print too many). Yoshi's New Island is already at just over half of its RRP. I suspect Kirby will be similar. (But for different reasons). By comparison a used copy of NSMB2 cannot be obtained very easily below 75% of its RRP. Be interesting how Kirby does when compared to Yoshi (Just see how much the IGN scores affect the UK).



Peach64 said:

Disappointed this has struggled, but thrilled to see Child of Light in the top 10, since surely the digital sales would far eclipse the physical release of the deluxe edition.



sinalefa said:


It depends, because I actually picked up both as they would arrive together. Paid $30 for each, so definitely Mario Golf will benefit from its cheaper initial price.



HOUSE said:

Hmm, now here's my question, these numbers don't factor in digital sales, do they? I for one bought the game digital, it's one of those kind of games you'll always want to have on you.



Emblem said:

I'm sick of that picture now, NL has used it for at least 4 articles lol.

Skipped this game as I'm not a fan of golf.



Theober555 said:

I for one am waiting until A-level exams are over before I buy this game so that I won't get distracted. I wonder if releasing games during exam periods affects sales much?



Dyl_73 said:

I'm yet to see an advert for Mario Golf so it's hardly surprising that sales are low. It's a shame really because it's a great game. Xbox and Sony are constantly advertised all over the place. Why don't Nintendo start doing the same? They need to wake up and realise that their strategies are failing.



JohnG said:

I got this from Amazon for £27. Been playing over the weekend and it's great value for a great game IMO.



Datasun_7 said:

@Theober555 exactly the same with me still gonna get MK8 though. Tbh the amount of people with exams that wouldn't buy games because of that is probably significantly lower most people don't try xp



CroRock said:

I said I wont buy it because of DLCs and all but... I couldn't resist..
And I'm soooooo glad I bought it... digital version with season pass
this game is so much fun



Doma said:

@Emblem I'm sick of seeing Mario's face in general.

Maybe that's a reason for poor overall sales.

@Nintenjoe64 I sure ain't. It'll probably falter the same way 3D World did.

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