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Arc Style: Baseball 3D Is Up to Bat on 3DS Next Week

Posted by Jake Shapiro

Full-scale baseball on deck for 15th May

Did Rusty's Real Deal Baseball's bite-sized minigames leave you hankering for a full-on baseball title? You're in luck, as Arc System Works is bringing Arc Style: Baseball 3D, released last year in Japan, to the North American 3DS eShop on 15th May.

Following in the footsteps of Arc Style: Soccer 3D and Arc Style: Solitaire, Arc Style: Baseball 3D aims to be a faithful recreation of the sport while still appealing to a wide audience. You can find out more on Nintendo's official listing for the game.

No price has been announced yet, but Arc Style: Soccer 3D retails for $6.99 on the eShop, so Baseball 3D will likely sell in the same general strike zone. As baseball season heats up, are you in the mood for some Arc Style? Swing away in the comments.

Thanks to Ryan Millar for the tip.


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BakaKnight said:

Baseball... Not sure why, but I love baseball videogames ^o^

Too bad they rarely get in europe... ack... I live in Italy and here not even some PAL baseball games get released. I managed to recover Mario Superstar for Gamecube only thanks to the almighy internet >o>;

Indeed I played that game a lot last weekend and I have the wild guess I will have to play it again as only baseball fix I could ever get on my consoles -o-;



XCWarrior said:

About time the 3DS got a baseball game that actually has a full game in it. I hope this game is good. Must have done at least OK in Japan if they are bringing it over.



ekreig said:

Not a big fan of baseball. I think I'll stick with the Octoball Derby.



JohnG said:

Well it doesn't look like Rusty is coming to the UK so we probably won't get this either



Spoony_Tech said:

Hum, if it get no less then a 7 I might have to consider this to get that baseball fix that Nintendo is so lacking on either system. Rusty's is fun but I needs more!



Fragarach said:

I feel you. Living in Portugal means its slim pickings for a baseball fan, especially on Nintendo systems. I'll still hold some hope for this one to come out here in the future, but not so much for Rusty. Would definitely get both if given a chance tough.



cyrus_zuo said:

NES Baseball Stars.
If that game made it to VC I'd buy it on every device it was for sale on.
I'm not sure why we get these stripped down sorta meh baseball titles instead.



unrandomsam said:

@cyrus_zuo The Neo Geo sequel is loads better. Presuming you are able to get the USA or JPN version or get it via SNK Arcade Classics Vol 1 : Wii.



cyrus_zuo said:

@unrandomsam I've got the Neo Geo version, but much prefer the NES version due to stat saving of the players and the progression and improvement of the players. Making players stats change was revolutionary at the time (looking at Arc Style I guess it still is revolutionary).



unrandomsam said:

@cyrus_zuo I don't like that because it masks whether I am improving or not. (More than likely I am not getting any better I am just getting rewarded for playing the game for longer).



brucelebnd said:

they can release this in the west but not Kunio Kun (aka river city ransom/street gangs)

they have 3 kunio kun games out in japan and a 4th one coming soon but this instead????



dabaumer said:

I'm glad we are getting a baseball game period...I've been Nintendo forever supplemented with Xbox and the 2k games have never been worth my time...sice I've never owned a play station the show makes me hurt on the inside, the last good baseball game I have played that ppl disagree with is the ken Griffey games on the N64....well I have played the show and it's amazing but the last good baseball game I have owned anyway



bezerker99 said:

@cyrus_zuo I agree with you! The NEO GEO Baseball Stars 2 can't even hold a candle close to the awesomeness that is Baseball Stars on the NES. The Lovely Ladies would destroy every team on BS2.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@dabaumer "MVP Baseball 2005" for GameCube is about the best you can get on a Nintendo system. If you want a Wii game, I found "Nicktoons MLB" to be surprisingly good, probably quite a bit better than any of 2K offerings.

Anyway, I, too, an looking forward to a full baseball game on 3DS and hope it turns out well.



Barbiegurl777 said:

I might pick this title up I've played other ARC title's on the 3DS. I like baseball. Still loving Rusty's Real Deal Baseball! Still have some other ARC titles to pick up in 3ds e-shop yet lol so will eventually get around to downloading this.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



statnut said:

@cyrus_zuo Amen. Create-a-team, create-a-player, stat tracking, 125 game seasons were all revolutionary back then. And I believe would still be revolutionary, at least on the 3DS lol.

I might consider this though, as desperate as I am for baseball to go.



statnut said:

Here's some info from Nintendo's site.

"A fun baseball game for the 3DS that anyone can play! Customize your team and aim for a home run! This is a fun, full-scale baseball game that anyone can easily enjoy, with a 3D display that makes it easy to control. Enjoy 3 different game modes including Tournament, Exhibition and Custom. Tournament play consists of 7 teams. Defeat your opponents and aim for the championship. In Exhibition, you can select any team and play a quick game. You can also enjoy Network Matched via Download or Local Play. In Custom Mode you can customize your players in many ways including their names and even their appearance. There are 5 different ability types including defensive and offensive-oriented types, so you can configure your team exactly how you want. You can also attach pictures from the internal camera to a player so you can model them after yourself and have them compete. Enjoy baseball anywhere, and at anytime on the 3DS!"



dabaumer said:

@BulbasaurusRex forgot all about MVP baseball, I still have a gcn I may try to find it..after erasing the description from Nintendo's website I'm excited



Windy said:

I'm buying I've been waiting for a full fledge baseball. I wish Arc systems would consider online multiplayer for oits games they would be pretty good online would friends. I hope the hitting isn't an over complicated mess. just let me swing the bat



AceDefective said:

If it was for the buttons, I'd totally think this was a DS game. Seriously, this game needs better textures and a higher polygon count on the models.



Windy said:

OK just youtubed it and the batting looks it a bit easy but what is with all the dropped balls by the outfield? take a look: if the outfield plays like that all time I don't think I want this.



cheapogamer4life said:

They must have been playing on super easy mode in that utube video. Hopefully regular mode is a bit more challenging. I really wanted to give Soccer Up 3d a chance but it suffered from the same problem that the dsiwate version did. Fingers crossed for a better game this time around.



Windy said:

I'm going to probably pick this up. I just hope the outfield doesn't drop balls constantly. As far as the game looks I think the graphics look pretty good. Plus if you can make the players the way you want , that will add some cool strategy to the game.



Windy said:

@statnut haha. I guess so. I will let you know. First let's see what the price is. 6.99 or lower gets buy



Depeche said:

Was hoping for Power Pros 14 or RBI baseball 14, I guess this all Nintendo could muster up,....fingers crossed.



Windy said:

I did pick this up today and I have to say I'm very pleasantly surprised. Its a very simple to pick up and play baseball game. no nonsense straight forward hitting and pitching. The hitting although really simple is fun. You will be cracking the ball all over the field in no time. About the outfielders dropping the balls. In that video the guy is playing a very poorly rated team. I played the same team and won my first game 17-2. Next game I played the best rated team and lost 6-4 . so the teams are rated by stars which you notice when choosing them. This will be a short game though. There are only 7 teams for tournament . then there is exhibition mode. No home run derby or extra gameplay options. Its pretty much a straight forward baseball game. The graphics aren't all that great but the player animations are really nice and smooth. I really like the game and would give it a 7 just for its ease of gameplay and cool options of customing your team for custom play. The game is short though guys. For 4.99 its worth the download for a baseball game fan.

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