With major releases such as Mario Kart 8 getting closer, as well as a number of enticing download games on the eShop, the Wii U should become an increasingly attractive console in the coming weeks and months; there's also a backlog of high-quality titles to explore, too. We can expect various bundles and offers to tempt shoppers this year, meanwhile, and Nintendo of America has now tweeted an offer to attract the attention of gamers in the U.S.

This promotion is via Target, which is offering a $50 gift voucher with in-store purchases of the Mario & Luigi Deluxe (32GB) Wii U model. The price of $299.99, in addition to that $50 voucher, may seem tempting considering the fact that this bundle also includes New Super Mario Bros. U and its expansion New Super Luigi U.

As you can see above this offer will be available until 12th April in Target stores; you have to go to your local store as the offer isn't available online.

Do you think this deal will tempt many gamers into finally picking up a Wii U?